Best Time for Ski Holidays

There are three basic question regarding the ski holidays. When, where and with whom. Here we will look at the first one of above-mentioned questions. When is the best time for ski holidays?

The common ski season lasts from mid-November till mid-April, depending on weather and snow conditions. In past fifteen years, I was skiing probably at every month of the ski season and I remember even one skiing on a glacier in May. Looking back it is hard to tell exactly what week of the season is the best for ski holidays, as every week has its pros and cons. I try to go through different days and weeks and give you my opinion about skiing at that time.

State and school holidays

Overcrowded slopes are granted these days no matter the weather. You do not have many choices with children, but if you are without kids yet skip these days immediately from your skiing plans. Even if you find out ski area which is not so full, you can be sure prices for lifts, for meals, in hotels or ski schools will be higher than usual.

Christmas and New Year week

Read everything I wrote about State and school holidays and double or triple it. Prices will be so high that even sun shining all the day will not take the clouds off your face.

Start of the Season (November to December)

Usually, I do not plan my ski holidays for November or December in advance. Even with not so many people on the slopes at the start of the season, I am afraid to commit to skiing holidays at that time. I am never sure if there will be enough snow in November even in lower altitudes, so I make the decision about my start of the season at a latest possible date.

If during November I can not further resist and snow forecast is alright, I simply book some last-minute deal. Usually, it is really worth it. Prices are low and ski slopes have a lot of space for fast ride downhill.


I have to say this is my favorite month for skiing. People usually stay at home after New Year celebrations and before school holidays. Therefore there are not so many people on the slopes, prices are quite lower than during Christmas, although they are not so low as in November. However, the snow is usually much better than at the start of the season.

Weather is cold, but usually sunny enough to enjoy full days of intensive skiing. You can bet a million every year that I am skiing during the second and third week in January. No matter what happens, I will be on slopes at that time. These two weeks are the best time for ski holidays for me.

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February to March

February and March are another top seasons in many ski resorts. Weather is probably the best during March with a lot of sunny days, but snow is better in February. So what is wrong with these two months? Usually, school holidays spread during these two months in different countries. You can bet that every week at least one district has its break which leads to many beginners on slopes. Not saying that the prices are again at its peaks. Sorry, but this not a time for me anymore.

End of the Season (Late March to April)

Late March and April is the time when you need cooperation from the weather. There is no problem with a sun, but snow is melting away pretty quickly. Even with a low number of people at the slopes, you have to prepare for wet snow and hard skiing at lower altitudes. So I have no chance than adopt the scenario from early season. When I cannot resist and need to go skiing once more I book some last minute skiing deal. And good thing is that prices are usually appropriate to book even better hotels or chalets.

The Best Time for Ski Holidays is …

In my humble opinion, the best time for ski holidays is the second and third week in January. It is my personal choice. I am skiing at the time when most of the people sit at home. And I sit at home when others are skiing.

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