Bold Winter Olympics 2018 Predictions

The biggest winter sports event starts in a few days. Pyeongchang in South Korea will host XXIII Winter Olympic Games 2018 from 9th until 25th February. I like skiing and atmosphere of World Cup competitions, but Olympics are way better. The atmosphere and the fact that Olympics are only every 4 years made them special. Most of the people will forget the winner of last year World Cup in a few months, but winners of Olympics have always a special place in our memories and hearts. The same applies to skiers. They can have a really bad season until February, but win in Pyeongchang will change everything for them. So in a few days, we will know the winners but before I try to predict who will be successful in skiing competitions and will add also one bonus ice-hockey prediction. Here are my Bold Winter Olympics 2018 Predictions.


Please take it as a fun reading before Winter Olympic Games start. I will not try to predict the winner of every skiing competition. I will pick skiing competitions where I see the clear favorite or clear surprising winner. But I, of course, can be wrong.


Men’s Downhill 11.02.2018

Everybody expects Norway – Switzerland battle for Gold. It will be that way, but not with the names you expect. No Feuz but Mauro Caveziel will make history and earns gold for Pyeongchang. Norway “almost golden” boys will take silver and bronze medals.

Gold: Caveziel
Silver: Jansrud
Bronze: Svindal

Reality check:
Gold: Svindal
Silver: Jansrud
Bronze: Feuz

Ladies Slalom 14.02.2018

There is one lady who dominates it all. Mikaela Shiffrin. There is no reason for change during Olympics 2018. Shiffrin wins it again. The second and third place will be another story. Veronika Velez-Zuzulova suffered the knee injury during autumn practice. However, she is doing everything to return just in time for Olympics Slalom. And she will make it. It will be called “dream comeback” even with silver finish. Third place and the bronze medal will go to Petra Vlhova. She won the 1st slalom of the season, but then it was just misery. Bronze from Olympics will change Vlhova season.

Gold: Shiffrin
Silver: Zuzulova
Bronze: Vlhova

Reality check:
Gold: Hansdotter
Silver: Holdener
Bronze: Gallhuber

Ladies Downhill 21.02.2018

If you do not think that Lindsey Vonn is Skiing Legend, you should change your opinion after Olympics 2018. Nobody has her as favorite but she will surprise everybody and herself too.

Gold: Vonn
Silver: Goggia
Bronze: Weirather

Reality check:
Gold: Goggia
Silver: Mowinckel
Bronze: Vonn

Men’s Slalom 22.02.2018

No surprises in this competition expected. Marcel Hirscher is just too good for everyone else. Kristoffersen and Matt will try hard, but they do not succeed. This season is all about Hirscher.

Gold: Hirscher
Silver: Kristoffersen
Bronze: Matt

Reality check:
Gold: Myhrer
Silver: Shiffrin
Bronze: Matt

Alpine Skiing Olympics 2018 competitions schedule

Cross-country skiing Olympics 2018 predictions below

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Ladies Skiathlon 10.02.2018

A lot of hope lies at Sweden Charlotte Kalla, she will try, but at Skiathlon she will take just silver. Marit Bjoergen will not be the biggest favorite before the start, but she will come to South Korea with the perfect form.

Gold: Bjoergen
Silver: Kalla
Bronze: Weng

Reality check:
Gold: Kalla
Silver: Bjoergen
Bronze: Parmakoski

Men’s Skiathlon 11.02.2018

Nobody will be surprised with Johannes Klaebo performance at Olympics. He was top skier at the start of the season, then he took some rest just to be perfectly prepared for Pyeongchang competitions. Skiathlon Gold will not be the only one he will take home in February.

Gold: Klaebo
Silver: Harvey
Bronze: Sundby

Reality check:
Gold: Krueger
Silver: Sundby
Bronze: Holund

Men’s 50 km C 24.02.2018

This will be Dario Cologna biggest triumph.  He already has gold from 2010 Olympic Games, but to win 50 kilometers competition is better, much better.

Gold: Cologna
Silver: Poltoranin
Bronze: Musgrave

Reality check:
Gold: Niskanen
Silver: Bolshunov
Bronze: Larkov

Ladies 30 km C 25.02.2018

What a day for Austrian skiing comes at the last day of Winter Olympic Games 2018. Teresa Stadlober will surprise many but not us.

Gold: Stadlober
Silver: Oestberg
Bronze: Parmakoski

Reality check:
Gold: Bjoergen
Silver: Parmakoski
Bronze: Nilsson

Cross-country Olympics 2018 competition schedule

Biathlon Olympics 2018 predictions below

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Ladies 15 km Individual 14.02.2018

Ladies biathlon competitions are pretty hard to predict. There are many possible winners, but Olympics 2018 will be mainly about Dorothea Wierer. She will be the hot one during Pyeongchang.

Gold: Makarainen
Silver: Wierer
Bronze: Domracheva

Reality check:
Gold: Oeberg
Silver: Kuzmina
Bronze: Dahlmeier

Men’s 20 km Individual 15.02.2018

Martin Fourcade or Johannes Boe? Hard question, but my answer is clear. Martin Fourcade.

Gold: Fourcade Martin
Silver: Boe Johannes
Bronze: Moravec

Reality check:
Gold: Boe J.T.
Silver: Fak
Bronze: Landertinger

Ladies 12.5 km Mass Start 17.02.2018

This win for Wierer will be quite surprising. Even in her best form she will no the be main favorite for this event. However, with few medals already in her possession, she will be stress-free. Another gold for Dorothea.

Gold: Wierer
Silver: Kuzmina
Bronze: Vitkova

Reality check:
Gold: Kuzmina
Silver: Domracheva
Bronze: Eckhoff

Men’s 15 km Mass Start 18.02.2018

Everybody expects the gold battle between Fourcade and Boe. That will be true, but another Boe. Tarjei Boe will take the gold in most watched biathlon event in Pyeongchang. Brother Johannes will finish second, followed by Martin Fourcade.

Gold: Boe Tarjei
Silver: Boe Johannes
Bronze: Fourcade Martin

Reality check:
Gold: Fourcade M.
Silver: Schempp
Bronze: Svendsen

Biathlon Olympics 2018 competitions schedule

One more prediction (bonus one) below!


And my bonus prediction is here. There will be no NHL player in South Korea, so long dominance of Canada is gone. However, another team will make its home at the ice rink. SKA St. Petersburg and CSKA Moscow team, playing under the name “athletes from Russia ” under the IOC flag will win it.

Gold: athletes from Russia – Russia
Silver: Sweden
Bronze: Finland

Reality check:
Gold: athletes from Russia – Russia
Silver: Germany
Bronze: Canada

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