Cachalot Mini Electric SUP Pump Review

You all know I’m a huge paddleboarding aficionado, especially as a prelude to my winter skiing adventures. Until recently, every paddleboard session began with a bit of physical exertion. Hand-pumping the board wasn’t overly time-consuming, but it definitely required some muscle. It was a decent workout to kickstart the morning, but those days are now behind me, all thanks to the Cachalot 2 Mini Electric SUP Pump.

For the record: The Cachalot 2 Mini Electric SUP Pump and Powerbank for purposes of this review were provided by OutdoorMaster. This post contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you purchase after clicking on these links.

Cachalot 2 Mini Electric SUP Pump

With this nifty gadget, the decision to head out for a paddleboard session becomes a breeze. You’re ready to hit the water immediately knowing that inflating the board will be effortless.

The Cachalot 2 Mini Electric SUP Pump is not only incredibly easy to use but also impressively lightweight, tipping the scales at under 1 kilogram. It arrives neatly packaged in a sleek box, perfect for storage and transport.

Featuring both automatic and manual modes, this pump offers versatility in inflating and deflating your board. In automatic mode, simply set your desired pressure level, and let the pump do the rest. Alternatively, switch to manual mode to monitor the pressure level on the digital display, shutting off the pump once you’ve reached your desired PSI.

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Navigating the control panel is a breeze, with four buttons and a clear digital display. You can effortlessly switch between units with just one button press, while the others are dedicated to selecting pressure levels and power control.

Capable of reaching a maximum pressure of 20 PSI (1.35 bars), this pump is suitable for all board types. Plus, it comes equipped with seven different gas nozzles, ensuring compatibility with a variety of inflatables, from paddleboards to beach balls and everything in between. I haven’t come across an inflatable item at home that I couldn’t inflate with these nozzles!

Pump &  gas nozzles
Pump & gas nozzles

Powering the pump is as simple as plugging it into a 12V DC Car connector, allowing you to inflate your board next to your vehicle or use a compatible power bank. Speaking of power banks, OutdoorMaster offers one with a 54 Wh capacity, sufficient for inflating three SUPs in a row, providing unparalleled convenience wherever you choose to embark on your paddleboard adventures.

Power Bank
Power Bank

Power bank needs to have appropriate output and large capacity. OutdoorMaster power bank has a 54 Wh capacity which is enough for inflating three SUPs in a row. (Check it here)

Paddleboarding is synonymous with freedom on the water, and with the Cachalot 2 Mini Electric SUP Pump and a compatible power bank, that freedom is amplified. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to spontaneous paddleboard sessions wherever your heart desires.

Ready to elevate your paddleboarding experience? Get your hands on the Cachalot 2 Mini Electric SUP Pump and compatible power bank today. And for the ultimate combination, pair it with your OutdoorMaster paddleboard for seamless adventures on the water!

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