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Having a good backpack is essential in every season. In winter you need to pack spare clothes, or shoes when going to ski. In summer, trips into nature require a lot of different items to be packed and brought with you. Cancha Backpack offers a unique combination of adaptable space and comfortable use.

For the record: the Cancha Backpack for purposes of this review was provided by Cancha. This post contains affiliate links, and we can be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

All you need to know about Cancha Backpack


At the first sight, the backpack looks very compact. Thanks to the roll-top closure, you never carry free space in your bag.

The second sight gives the same feeling. The compactness of the bag is clearly the style adapted by Cancha. The modular attachment system looks incorporated and completes the design of the backpack.

I like the simple design that does not need to attract with eye-catching but unnecessary tweaks.

For those who like fresh colors, Cancha Backpack is manufactured in four color alternatives (black, grey, green, red).

Check all Cancha backpack color alternatives here.


Cancha Backpack as all Cancha bags are made of nylon fabric with a special water-resistant coating. All zip-fasteners have a water-resistant fit too.

The material is pleasant to touch and the back is padded for extra comfort on your trip. The holding straps are padded too and look solid enough to last for a long time.


Cancha states that the height of the backpack is from 450 mm (17.7 in) to 600 mm (23.6 in). The width is fixed at 320 mm (12.59 in) and the depth is 210 mm (8.26 in). The weight of the bag is 770 g (1.7 lbs).

The height variability is the main advantage of the Cancha backpack. The roll-top design gives you the opportunity to adjust the bag height to the volume you want to bear on your back. The maximum volume of the backpack is 35l but the customization let you choose what you really need on your trip.

By the way, your cross country ski boots fit into this backpack without any problems. And you can use it even for alpine skiing or snowboard boots if necessary. That means it fits very well into the ski boots bags category as well.

Visit Cancha web to find out more about its products.


I already mentioned the size variability of the Cancha backpack that I consider the main advantage of this bag. Additionally, it offers also a modular attachment system for the daily bag, that imminently increases the capacity of the bag.

The modular attachment system is easy to use and you can add the accessories to your back in a second.

Cancha Bag and Day Bag via Modular Attachment System

Cancha Bag and Day Bag via Modular Attachment System

The backpack has also one inside pocket and two outside pockets. All pockets are equipped with water-resistant zippers.

I do not need to explain why the pockets are great for use. The outside pocket on the backside is large enough to safely transport your notebook with a screen up to 15.6″ as I personally tried.

The smaller pocket on the side is great for storing smaller items like keys, phone, or wallet.

Fun with Cancha Backpack

Fun with Cancha Backpack

Fun with Cancha Backpack

Fun with Cancha Backpack 2

My Opinion

You probably noticed in my text, that I am really impressed by size variability. I tried the Cancha backpack on several occasions, including packing for a longer trip (taking my laptop with me), and also short daily trips to nature. On all occasions, Cancha gives me what I needed.

The backpack is light and the back padding and straps are very comfortable. Even after a full day of hiking, I did not feel my shoulders afterward. That makes Cancha backpack my favorite. The only thing I did not fully test was water-resistant coating as the last days were pretty sunny here, but I do not doubt that it works.

Overall, I recommend the Cancha backpack to all travelers for a wide range of occasions. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

You can buy Cancha Backpack here.

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