Full Heel Release Ski Bindings – Same Performance, Same Comfort, More Safety?

Tyrolia, a subsidiary of Head, is presenting new alpine ski binding that should reduce knee injuries by 50% (These results are officially confirmed by independent studies completed at the University of Innsbruck). Tyrolia Protector ski bindings claim to be the safest bindings they have ever made. It is using Full Heel Release (FHR) technology that really can make a revolution in the ski bindings area.

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Tyrolia Protector Ski Bindings

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What is full heel release (FHR) in ski bindings?

A full heel release in ski bindings is a crucial safety feature that helps prevent injuries to the skier’s ankles and knees. In a traditional ski binding, the heel is vertically released when the skier falls, which can put a lot of strain on the ankle and knee joints. This can lead to severe injuries, such as sprained ankles and torn ligaments.

A full heel release, on the other hand, allows the heel to be released 180° laterally and vertically from the binding when the skier falls. This allows the skier’s foot to move freely, reducing the strain on the ankle and knee joints and helping to prevent injuries.

Who can benefit from full heel release technology?

Full-heel release bindings are particularly important for skiers who are just learning to ski, as they are more likely to fall and put a lot of strain on their joints. They are also important for advanced skiers tackling challenging terrain and making big, high-speed turns. In these situations, the risk of injury is higher, and a full heel release binding can help prevent injuries.

In addition to increasing safety, full-heel-release bindings can also improve a skier’s performance. Because they allow the foot to move freely, they can help the skier maintain balance and control, especially when making tight, high-speed turns. This can help the skier ski more confidently and aggressively, leading to better performance on the slopes.

Tyrolia Protector Ski Bindings

Tyrolia Protector ski bindings allow for 7 mm bilateral movement of the heel. If the pressure is higher and exceeds the release setting then bindings make a 30° rotation to release the boot. Check out the video below to find out how it exactly works.

Tyrolia offers two Protector ski bindings at the moment: Tyrolia Protector PR 11 GW and Tyrolia Protector PR 13 GW.

The difference is in the DIN range. PR 11 GW covers the DIN range of 3 to 11, and PR 13 GW bindings cover the DIN Range of 4 to 13.

Both Tyrolia Protector ski bindings can be mounted on all skis with a pre-mounted PR Base.

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About Tyrolia

Tyrolia is an Austrian company developing, producing and selling ski bindings. It is part of Head, a sports equipment producer known mainly for its tennis rackets and alpine ski products.

Find out more about the history of Head and its founder Howard Head here.

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