Knockaround Slingshots Couch Couture Ski Goggles Review

Knockaround is a California-based company specializing in producing sunglasses (read more about Knockaround sunglasses here). That, they manufacture two types of winter goggles (slingshots and flybys) for skiers and snowboarders. We got our hands on Knockaround Slingshots Couch Couture ski goggles, and here is what we like about them.

For the record: The Knockaround Slingshots for purposes of this review were provided by Knockaround company. This post contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

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Knockaround Slingshots Couch Couture Ski Goggles

The design of these ski goggles is opaque. Designers took inspiration from the 60s when flowers defined the generation.

The Knockaround Slingshots Couch Couture’s strap is in flower colors of orange, yellow, and white. The matching lenses feature pink to yellow fade.

Knockaround Black Friday Sale – 30% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping

These goggles cover not just the eyes but almost the entire face. That is very helpful during fast downhill skiing or when the weather is bad.

The design is inspired by history, but technology is very present. The lenses offer UV protection, anti-fog, and anti-glare coating.

Moreover, the lenses are magnetic for easy replacement. Even more, you will get an extra lens when buying these goggles. That means you can adjust the vision to different weather conditions.

The lenses we tried are really doing their job. They suppress the sun’s glare even at midday when the sun is really sharp.

These goggles are fully compatible with any ski helmet. The adjustable strap is equipped with silicone to prevent slippage.

The goggles sit on the face well and do not push on the cheek or nose. They are, in fact, very comfortable even after a long day of skiing.

The tested model price is $85, but the Slingshots ski goggles prices start at $70.



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