Madshus Skis

Men Cross Country Skiers

Amundsen Harald OestbergNorwayMadshus
Bessmertnykh AlexanderRussiaMadshusAlpina
Boegl LucasGermanyMadshus
Sveen Simen AndreasNorwayMadshusMadshus

Ladies Cross Country Skiers

Fossesholm Helene MarieNorwayMadshusMadshus
Myhrvold MathildeNorwayMadshus
Parmakoski KristaFinlandMadshusMadshus
Ringwald SandraGermanyMadshus
Svendsen AnnaNorwayMadshus
Swirbul HaileyUSAMadshus

Men Biathlon

Bjoerndalen Ole EinarNorwayMadshusRottefellaMadshus
Doll BenediktGermanyMadshusRottefellaMadshus
Eliseev MatveyRussiaMadshusRottefellaAlpina
Laegreid Sturla HolmNorwayMadshus
Pidruchnyi DmytroUkraineMadshusRottefellaMadshus
Schommer PaulUSAMadshusRottefellaMadshus

Ladies Biathlon

Bendika BaibaLatviaMadshusRottefellaMadshus
Bescond AnaisFranceMadshusRottefellaMadshus
Hinz VanessaGermanyMadshusRottefellaMadshus
Magnusson AnnaSwedenMadshusRottefellaMadshus
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