OutdoorMaster Adult Ski Gloves Review

OutdoorMaster Adult Ski Gloves

3M Thinsulate
Anti-slip surface
Water repellent
Touchscreen design
Adjustable strap on the wrist


For the record: The OutdoorMaster ski gloves for purposes of this review were provided by OutdoorMaster. This post contains affiliate links, and we can be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

OutdoorMaster Ski Gloves Review

OutdoorMaster is famous for its up-to-date snow goggles (and paddleboards), which combine advanced technology and excellent design. You can read about our experience with OutdoorMaster Snow Goggles here.

Though, they do not produce and sell just snow goggles. We already tried their Kelvin ski helmet, which immediately became a bestseller on the market and now we put our hands on their ski gloves. Or I should better say we put our hands in OutdoorMaster ski gloves.

Let me jump right into the topic.


First of all, OutdoorMaster adult ski gloves are unisex, so if your hand matches the size of your wife’s hand, you can share it. They are available in four different color variations: Plain Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Orange.

OutdoorMaster Ski Gloves

OutdoorMaster Ski Gloves

As you can see in the picture above, the design is very fresh. The splash motive used on the backside of the gloves (except for the plain black version) is very dynamic and I like it very much.


However, the skiers do not care just about the design but prefer functional gloves that keep their hands warm.

OutdoorMaster ski gloves are made of polyester and use 3M Thinsulate technology. This technology insulates your hands against freezing weather.

The inner side of the gloves is very comfortable and pleasant to your skin. The outer side has a special layer that is water-repellent. The palm side of the gloves has an anti-slip surface to ensure you will not lose your pole.

Touchscreen design is a must these days and OutdoorMaster ski gloves have high sensitivity one. I tried it many times in different weather conditions and it always worked.

The other good feature is a combination of an adjustable strap and wrist cinch to fix the glove opening. It prevents snow from going into the glove in extreme conditions or when you ski or snowboard in deep snow.


Check the price of OutdoorMaster ski gloves here and you will be surprised. The full package of advanced technologies for that price is definitely a steal.

A full collection of OutdoorMaster products is available here

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