Prescription Ski Goggles: Perfect vision under any circumstance

Innovative ski goggles for people with glasses or prescription ski goggles. SnowVision, a Belgian start-up, has developed an integrated solution to increase anti-fog performance and visibility on the slopes. Wim Van Roy has developed this solution together with his recently deceased father.

Prescription ski goggles

The SnowVision goggles have integrated prescription lenses, embedded in an insert that functions as a second lens to prevent fogged lenses. The creators opted for a scratch-free NTX and a photochromatic front lens, which adapts to the light intensity. Every goggle is custom-made. All you have to do is send your prescription and SnowVision does the rest. Strengths can vary from -8 to +8; this helps by far the majority of people who wear glasses.

In rapids

The wildly enthusiastic reactions of users to the first prototype and the death of Wim’s father and business partner Jan at the beginning of this year sent things in a hurry. “Our patent application was approved and we had found the right partners (a well-known Italian manufacturer for ski goggles). Nothing stops us: we are ready for the coming season. ” In honor of Jan, the first model SnowVision goggles are called “Ottho”, which refers to Jan’s middle name.

“Ottho” Ski Goggles by SnowVision

What is our opinion?

We liked our experience with the “Ottho” goggles. I have significant trouble with my eyes and I had been struggling with a combination of sports glasses and OTG goggle. They never exactly fitted and I did not always have a clear view on the slopes. Regularly I had problems with condensation on my glasses or on the goggle. I didn’t experience this with these goggles. I always had a clear view and I didn’t have to stop skiing to wipe the glasses for condensation.

SnowVision ski goggles are available in three different colors (blue, green, red). You can choose between unifocal, bifocal and multifocal glasses. Paperless upload of your prescription is a matter of course. Additionally, you can pick also anti-fog and anti-reflective coating. That all makes the SnowVision ski goggles the leader between prescription ski goggles manufacturers.

SnowVision Prescription Ski Goggles Color alternatives

Alternative Solution – OTG Snow Goggles

OTG Snow Goggles are goggles that fit over your prescription glasses. Check e.g. these OutdoorMaster Goggles or other OTG Snow Goggles here.

Alternative Solution – Goggles Prescription Adaptor

Rapid Eyewear Universal SKI and Snowboard Goggles Rx Prescription Adaptor

Goggles adaptor is an alternative solution for people using prescription glasses. The adaptor is made from durable composite and fits into any adult-size ski goggle. You need just add your corrective lenses to the adaptor and put the adaptor into your ski goggles. It is an easy and 10 times cheaper solution.

A full range of different adaptors can be found on Amazon here.

Special Olympics Partner

SnowVision is also an official partner of Special Olympics, they provide the Belgian athletes with ski goggles so they can enjoy their favorite sport to the maximum. Next to that 10% of their profits are going to Special Olympics. The reason why SnowVision chose to cooperate with Special Olympics is that the founder himself was a member of the national unified basketball team. Unified sports is an inclusive sports program that combines an approximately equal number of Special Olympics athletes (individuals with intellectual disabilities) and partners (individuals without intellectual disabilities).

Over the Glasses Snow Goggles are available on Amazon here.


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