Ski and snowboard goggles – a Scandinavian approach

The ski season is upon us and maybe it is time for you too, to stock up on new gear. Good quality gear has a huge impact on the whole skiing experience, make sure to get the best out of your vacation, and read up on different brands and new innovations. Ski goggles are crucial for skiing, they protect your eyes from snow, wind, and most importantly, UV-light. They improve your vision in tricky conditions and also look pretty cool.

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MessyWeekend, a young startup from Copenhagen, has just recently launched its newest innovative ski goggles, the FLOAT with XE2 lens technology and we had the chance to review them for you.

Women’s and men’s ski goggles – great quality to a fair price

The new FLOAT XE2 is a revised version of their existing bestseller model. Let’s talk about some hard facts: the lens technology is completely new and innovative – the dual-layered lens is made out of grade 1 optical quality polycarbonate. Now, that sounds complicated, but it essentially means that the snow goggles are lightweight, durable, and basically unbreakable. They provide a high contrast view, meaning that details, that are usually not visible for the ‘normal’ eye in the snow, are now visible for you. The goggles also come with an anti-fog coating to make sure that you’ll get the best view possible during long hours of skiing.

Most importantly though, the goggles offer a nice, comfortable fit and you can even wear the ski goggles over glasses, ensuring perfect vision with comfort. They are affordable and can definitely be found in the category of budget ski goggles.

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Polarized Ski Goggles – Their newest family member

The startup recently had a great success publishing their newest innovation, the INUIT, which will be available from mid-December 2019. The new snow goggles feature all of the great characters as the existing models, but the lens of the INUIT XEP is photochromic.

It automatically adapts to changing weather conditions – darkens when the sun comes out and vice versa. No need to pause skiing and change the lenses.

MessyWeekend Polarized Ski Goggles

Doing good

MessyWeekend cares about the environment and donates a part of their income to an NGO, together they clean up the Pacific Ocean, raise awareness for the plastic problem in Colombia and help locals clean up their beaches.

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These goggles are of high quality and offer a comfortable fit, which is some of the most important features for us next to the fair price that MessyWeekend offers. The startup offers their goggles in different colors, bright and subtle, to fit everyone’s taste. Next to its range of snow goggles, the Scandinavian brand offers a wide range of affordable and durable sunglasses. All in all, I can say that these goggles are very comfy and keep what they promise. I personally care a lot about UV-light protection, especially up in the mountains since we are exposed to more UV radiation. The goggles protect you with a UV400-filter in their lens, no worries about damaging your eyes there.

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