Top 2019 Cross-Country Skis Models

New skiing season is finally underway. We looked around the most popular ski manufacturers and picked our top 2019 cross-country skis models.

In the beginning, we would like to remind that our 2019 cross-country skis overview is based on our subjective perception. It is about what we like most in terms of technology and design. Nobody should be surprised that this overview will be dominated by Fischer skis. Fischer is currently the most successful brand in professional cross-country skiing for few seasons in a row and this overview mirrored that. Except for Fischer, we picked also some Rossignol 2019 skis models we liked.

Best Junior Classic Cross-Country Skis 2019
Best Classic Cross-Country Skis 2019 for Beginners
Best Recreational Cross-Country Skis 2019
Classic Cross-Country Skis for Recreational Skiers
Skate Cross-Country Skis for Recreational Skiers
Best Advanced Cross-Country Skis 2019
— Classic Cross-Country Skis for Advanced Skiers
— Skate Cross-Country Skis for Advanced Skiers

Do you need help with choosing cross-country skis? Check our Definitive Guide to the Best Cross-Country Skis: Types, Lengths, Poles or check our Ski Length Calculator.

Best Junior Classic Cross-Country Skis 2019

Fischer Junior Sprint Crown Skis

If your kid or teenager starts with cross-country skiing, this Fischer Junior Sprint Crown Skis will do him/her a good service. They are conservatively designed but have all modern technologies your kid will appreciate.

They are made with IFP binding plate, so you can install new and easy Turnamic Binding on them (find out more about Turnamic Binding here). Crown Tec (fish pattern) technology gives you reliable climbing help in any snow condition and Ultra Tuning offers fast gliding when going down the hill.

Fischer Junior Sprint Crown Skis are made in length from 100 cm to 170 cm, so kid or junior of any age can use them as a starting point of his cross-country skiing experience. Just let your teenager taste the best cross-country skiing brand around and he/she will become instant cross-country skiing fan.

Style: Classic
Suitable for: Starters – Kids & Juniors
Featured Technology: IFP Binding Plate, Air Channel, Crown Tec, Ultra Tuning

Best Classic Cross-Country Skis 2019 for Beginners

Rossignol Evo XC65

Rossignol has an interesting and wide product range of cross-country skis. Their Evo series was updated for 2019 season and it still belongs to the premium models for any beginner or intermediate skier.

Rossignol EVO XC 65 skis offer higher versatility and you can utilize them either off-trail as backcountry skis or on-trail as normal cross-country skis. Deep snow or tidy on-trail experience makes no problem for them. Their adaptability for any snow conditions makes them an ideal partner for beginner skiers. Moreover, its waxless Positrack base helps in any climbing and still leave enough control for fast but safe descents.

Style: Classic
Suitable for: Beginners and Intermediate Skiers
Featured Technology: Waxless Positrack Base

Best Recreational Cross-Country Skis 2019

Recreational Classic Skis

Fischer Fibre Crown EF Skis

2019 model of Fischer EF Skis has a very eye-appeal design. Blue and white color combination look very “sexy”. However, skiers are buying skis, not because of design, but because of its features. And no surprises, no skier will be disappointed with Fibre Crown EF 2019.

They have  Vario Crown pattern to easy climbing and Efficient Forward technology for kick action. This technology is very helpful for any starter or advanced skier with not so developed technique.

Fischer Fibre Crown EF skis come in all traditional lengths and are one of the lightweight skis on the market

Style: Classic
Suitable for: Recreational Skiers (Beginners and Advanced)
Featured Technology: IFP Binding Plate, Air Channel, Vario Crown, Ultra Tuning, Efficient Forward, Rental Tail Protector

Recreational Skate Skis

Fischer CRS Skate

When you like skating more than classic style, but you are still not an elite skater, Fischer CRS Skate 2019 skis model could be here for you.

CRS Skate uses World Cup Level technology to give you a taste of what it is to be a pro. On another hand, it is still merciful enough to forgive any technique imperfection and helps on the track.

Fischer CRS Skate Skis are lightweight and offered in all traditional lengths.

Style: Skate
Suitable for: Recreational and Advanced Skiers
Featured Technology: IFP Binding Plate, Air Core, Power Edge, Speed Grinding, SideCut World Cup Level

Best Advanced Cross-Country Skis 2019

Advanced Classic Skis

Fischer Twin Skin Pro

Fischer Twin Skin Pro Skis are the latest addition to pro classic cross-country skis. They are designed in traditional Fischer colors and uses the newest technologies. They have IFP Binding Plate for Turnamic Bindings ready and Efficient Forward technology for easy kick action.

Moreover, they replaced the fish pattern with Twin Skin technology. Two mohair mix skin strips in offset position at the bottom middle part of skis give you the best possible help in climbing in any snow conditions, even in the more unpleasant icy ones. (find out more about Twin Skin technology in our “Fish Pattern vs. Twin Skin” guide here.)

Speed grinding balance the Twin Skin technology in gliding and let you enjoy the speed when needed.

Style: Classic
Suitable for: Advanced Skiers
Featured Technology: IFP Binding Plate, Air Channel, Twin Skin, Speed Grinding, Efficient Forward, Rental Tail Protector

Advanced Skate Skis

Rossignol Delta Course XC

Advanced skaters who want to move to another level are the prime target for Rossignol Delta Course Skate Skis. They are light and stiff, but still not the World Cup Pro level, which would make you feel uncomfortable.

Rossignol Delta Course skis are produced with IFP binding plate ready for Turnamic Bindings system. Its lightness will let any skier keep a consistent pace, a must for any advanced skater.

Skis are available in all skate traditional lengths.

Style: Skate
Suitable for: Advanced and Expert Skiers
Featured Technology: Honeycomb Light construction

In case we missed the 2019 model of skis you like, let us know in the comments section below.

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