What do Atomic and Salomon have in common?

Did you know that Salomon and Atomic have the same owner?

Amer Sports, originally a Finnish tobacco company established in 1950, is now one of the global sports companies. It owns a wide range of global sports brands in different fields.

Its first step in sports was acquiring Koho, a Finnish manufacturer of hockey sticks, in 1974. Later, in the 1980s it established a sports division and in 2004 Amer changed its name to Amer Sports and withdrew from other businesses.

Amer Sports brands portfolio:

Arcteryx – mountains and outdoor apparel and equipment
Armada – ski and winter sports equipment and apparel
Atec – baseball and softball practice machines
Atomic – ski and winter sports equipment and apparel
ENVE Composites – bike industry
EvoShield – baseball, football, lacrosse, and softball protective gear
Louisville Slugger – baseball bats
De Marini – baseball bats
Peak Performance – ski apparel
Salomon – ski and winter sports equipment and apparel
Wilson – tennis, football, and baseball equipment manufacturer

Amer Sports Owners

Amer Sports is owned by Anta Sports, FountainVest Partners, Anamered Investments, and Tencent. Currently, it plans to make an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange that would value the company at $8.7 billion. The IPO should take place at the end of January.

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