A Definitive Guide to the Best Heated Ski Socks

Imagine the warmest thermal ski socks and add an external source of warmth. That would be a dream of many cold-feet skiers. And now the dream comes true. Heated ski socks have become a standard for skiers suffering from cold feet. So we looked closer at the sample of heated ski socks and put together answers to the most asked questions.

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How do heated ski socks work?
What material are heated ski socks made of?
Which part of the foot is heated?
Where are the batteries placed, and what batteries are used?
What temperatures levels do heated ski socks offer?
What is the battery life span?
How to control temperature level?
Can you wash heated ski socks?
What are the best-heated ski socks?

How do heated ski socks work?

Heated socks (and other heated garments too) use the wires that heat up when an electric current passes through them. For example, heated ski socks have small carbon wires woven into the socks cloth. After you connect the wires to the battery, the wires heat up, which leads to heating socks up.

The electric current going through the wires is low, so you do not need to be afraid of related harm. However, it was recommended to use thin socks under the heated socks in the past. Currently, the wires are woven in the middle layer of socks; therefore, you do not need to wear additional socks.

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Ski Socks Material

Heated socks are made of the same material layers as thermal socks. (see our guide on Thermal Ski Socks here). A combination of cotton, wool, and synthetic fabric keeps your feet warm and dry. The fibers are woven into the fabric. Heated Ski Socks usually have three layers. The bottom layer touches your skin and keeps your feet warm. The middle layer includes wires made from carbon fiber. The upper layer is breathable and wicks the moisture away from your feet.

Which part of the foot is heated

Heating elements are usually on the front instep of the foot. However, better (and unfortunately more expensive) heated ski socks have heating elements all over the socks to warm all feet. Usually, heating elements are not placed at the bottom of the socks, as it could decrease user comfort.

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D-Cell or 2 AA batteries were used in the past. The current trend is to use rechargeable 3.7 Volt Li-On batteries. They are smaller and easier to hold on to.

The batteries are usually placed in the pocket or extra strap on your socks. They are located above the calf or under the knee as they have to be higher, not obstruct with your ski boot. It could really cause discomfort if the batteries directly touched the edge of the boot; fortunately, heated ski socks manufacturers took care of it.

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Temperature Level & Battery Life

The simpler heated ski socks models offer just one temperature level. The better models offer three different temperature levels you can choose from.

The battery life depends on the temperature level you use. The highest (warmest) level has the shortest life span and vice versa. Generally, the batteries last for 3 to 6 hours of continuous use. It is recommended to switch on and off the heating elements regularly and not to heat your socks continuously.

Remote Control

It would not be very comfortable to bend down to your legs every time you would like to switch on or off the heating. Most of the heated ski socks come with a remote control you can carry in your pocket. The best-heated ski socks have set up a connection with your phone via Bluetooth. Both solutions give you additional comfort and you are able to control the heating without putting down your gloves.

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Washing of Heated Ski Socks

It is generally recommended to wash your heated ski socks manually. Using a washing machine is not strictly forbidden, however, the risk of damaging the heating elements woven into the socks is substantially higher. The same risk is present when using a dry machine.

Best Heated Ski Socks Available

caleforra Heated Socks

FunDADYUS Warming Battery Heated Socks

AASMAAN Heated Ski Socks

3 AA batteries
Up to 2 hours batteries life span

4 Temperature Levels
Rechargable batteries
Up to 5 hours batteries life span

3 Temperature Levels
2 Rechargaeble Li-ion Batteries
Machine washable







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  1. I need really thin ski socks because my boots are extremely tight. Which heated socks are the thinnest?

  2. Hi Steve, I’ve been using Lenz 5.0 heat socks for years.
    I ski boots a half size down from my regular shoe size with custom moulded insoles and, depending on the last (width) heat shape the shells.
    Never had a problem with the Lenz socks, enough padding on the shins and nicely insulated in the toe and heel areas without being too thick around the rest of the foot or ankle.
    Check the sizes though, if you are borderline on 2 Lenz sizes go smaller rather than larger.
    Hope this helps.

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