Best Insulated Skirts for Skiing and Winter Outdoor Acitivities

There is one ongoing battle fought by all skiers. The battle between the cold and skiing pleasure. More and more skiers are leaving the slope or cross-country trail when the temperature goes down. Nobody likes to freeze, but especially women are losing this battle at the earliest. There are some possibilities to keep yourself warm. Ski boot warmers, heated socks are one, good thermal clothes or heated jackets are another possibilities. And then there is a special thing for women only. Insulated Skirts.

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Origin of Winter Skirts

The origin of insulated or winter skirts can be found in Are, Sweden. Back in 1999, Sissi Kewenter designed the original skirt. She did it to keep her bottom warm during the walks with her dog in the winter. After strong interest from her friends, she established the SKHOOP company. 20 years later, snow skirts, quilted skirts, puffer skirts, winter skirts (or whatever name you will use) are conquering the ski world.

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Advantages of Insulated Skirts

The main aim of Mrs. Kewenter was to warm herself. And that is also the basic advantage of wearing an insulated skirt. The snow skirt is worn on the pants, so it provides an additional layer to keep you warm during freezing days. You can use it for winter walks in the mountains, downhill skiing, or cross-country skiing.

Insulated skirts are made of polyester. They have wind-resistant and water-repellent technology embedded. Skirts are light but insulated enough to provide additional warmth to your body. They are also stylish enough to give you a good look when going into the apres-ski.

Winter skirts have usually one or two zippers (one of them uses to be two-way) on sides for easy put on and take off. A waistband pocket is an additional good-to-have feature in most quilted skirts.

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Types of Insulated Skirts

There are three basic lengths of insulated skirts. Depending on the activity you want to perform you will choose a mini down, mid down, or long down winter skirt.

Mini Down Skirt

Mid Down Skirt

Long Down Skirt

Ideal for Cross-Country or Downhill Skiing or Winter Run.
Mini Skirt gives freedom of movement and warmth to your bottom.

Mid Down Skirts are usually little bit longer in the back.
Good for walks in the mountains or in the city.

Long Down Skirts are suitable for walks in freezing temperatures.

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When and where it is appropriate to wear an insulated skirt?

Insulated skirts are suitable for many outdoor winter activities. There is no limitation on how and when to use them.

Of course, we recommend them mainly for alpine and cross-country skiing (ideally mini down for better movement), but you can make use of them also for winter walks in nature or even in the city. The best example is December outdoor Christmas market when the freezing is inevitable. Another good use is for jogging when temperatures fall to near zero.

Basically, whenever you feel there is a need for an extra warm layer, you can take the insulated skirt. Skirts are designed in an appropriate way for all possible events outside from sport to outdoor concerts. It is really up to you.

Best Insulated Skirts for Skiing

We went through a wide range of warm winter skirts to pick the best-insulated skirts. We were focusing predominantly on skirts suitable for skiing and snowboarding. Therefore we picked three mini down skirts for better movement but still provide additional warmth for every lady.

Mountain Hardwear Womens Trekkin Insulated Wind-Resistant Mini Skirt

Jack Wolfskin Women's Iceguard Midweight Insulated Quilted Puffer Skirt

BALEAF Women's 17" Puffer Quilted Skirt

Elastic waist
1 pocket on the back
Available in 4 different colors

2-way side zipper on the right side
1 hand pocket on the right hand side with a zipaper pull
Available in 3 different colors

2 side pockets
Mid-high Waistband Design
Available in 4 different colors




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