A Quick Guide to Best Ski Bags & Best Ski Boots Bags

“How to make transport to ski venues more comfortable and less annoying? Best Ski Bags and Ski Boots Bags Quick Guide.“

Skiing is one of the most refreshing sports activities. However, even skiing has its dark side. I always hate the transport to the skiing venue. It really annoys me to pack everything, to put everything in a car or prepare for plane transport. That is the painful part of ski preparations for me. I always think about renting the skis and ski boots at the place which would be much easier and less annoying. On the other hand, you invest a lot into your skis and then you will leave them at home? No way, you have to do your homework, find the best ski bag and best ski boots bag and the packing will not be such a pain.

Best Ski Boots Bags – a must-have features

When looking for Best Ski Boots Bag you should keep in mind what it should grant to you and your ski boots.

Ease the transport to the parking lot – the most annoying thing is to carry your skis and boots to the skiing slope. I always try to guess how many times during that „walk“ something falls out of my hands. So the first and most important prerequisite is to have boots in one bag which you can easily carry by holding the padded handles.

Save your ski boots from scratches – nobody wants ski boots with scratches all over the surface before you even put your foot on the ski slope. It is important to keep your boots in a compartment of the bag which is padded from inside. On the other hand, the compartment should be solid enough to absorb any outside pressure from other things in your car trunk. Each ski boot should be in an isolated compartment to avoid scratches from your pair of ski boots.

Keep your ski boots warm – everybody knows the feeling when you put your feet into a cold boot. It is much worse if it is a ski boot and there is no chance to warm it immediately. Therefore, the Ski Boots Bag should be isolated and keep your boot at a pleasant temperature.

„Freezing in cold weather when skiing? Check our ski boot warmers guide.

Keep the ski boots dry – Usually, when you finish your skiing, you and your boots are totally wet. Wet outside from the snow and wet also inside from your sweating (I know not everybody is sweating like me). Therefore, the bag should be from water-resistant material, which does not let the water go inside. On the other side, it should let the moisture go out. Durable, and water-resistant but the breathable material is best. Secondly, it is always good to let the rest of the snow and water go out via drainage grommets.

How to carry the bag? – We already mentioned padded handles which enable you to carry the bag for shorter distances, e.g. from a parking lot to a slope. However, when you expect a longer walk, it is always good to put the ski boots bag on your back. You will have free hands, e.g. for carrying other baggage. So before buying your ski boots bag, check if it has shoulder straps. Straps should be padded to ease the pressure on your shoulders and have an adjustable length.

What to do with keys, goggles or other personal items – I always take a lot of things to a ski slope. Not just the skiing equipment, but also a bottle of water, ski goggles, sun goggles, lipstick, cap, helmet and many other personal items. The biggest challenge is to put all these items in my ski jacket pockets. I always appreciate when a Ski boot bag has an extra pocket for bottles and goggles. And also one smaller pocket for keys, lipstick and similar tiny things. And if you are able also to add your helmet safely to the bag then you have your best ski boot bag.




Everything Boot Pack

Edge Isosceles Ski Boot Bag

TRV Pro World Traveler Boot Bag

High density polyester with waterproof backing

Separate side entry zippered boot sections

Bottom waterproof tarp to keep bag and contents from getting wet

Reinforced, padded hidden backpack straps

Water Resistant 600 Denier Coated Polyester

Double Locking, Self Repairing Zippers

Central Compartment

Neoprene Padded Shoulder Straps

Function: Isosceles Storage System™ carries boots, helmet and gear

Adjustable waist belt and sternum strap for comfort, weight distribution and stability

Comfort grip rubber top handle and padded foam front grip handle
Side boot pockets with air/water drainage grommets




Best Ski Bag – a must-have features

Your Skis are the key essential point which makes your skiing so refreshing and enjoyable. You have to look after them and keep them dry and in safe places. Transport is always a pain because the threat of fatal damage or scratches is imminent.

Material is the key – your skis should be in a safe place from external impact. So the material of the Ski Bag should be strong enough to save skis from any pressure from outside. It should be resistant to any cut from the sharp edges of skis or other sharp things in your car trunk. Reinforced inner and outside lining and cut-resistant fabric could handle it.

Ski bindings as an inevitable complication – Ski bindings make your skis harder to pack. What should slide easily into the bag, always falters on the binding. Therefore, the Ski Bag should have an area around the ski bindings extended and foam padded.

Length and size of ski bag – Choosing the right length is an easier task. You probably know the length of your skis, so you just add a few inches and you get the necessary length of your ski bag. The size of your ski bag depends on the number of skis you want to carry together. I, personally, prefer one bag for one pair of skis and poles. It reduces the risk of scratches on your skis. But I can understand that carrying two ski pairs in one ski bag is sometimes time and space-efficient. Sometimes you need to transport shorter skis in the longer ski bag, then it is very useful if the ski bag has a rolled end.

How to carry the ski bag? – Padded handles are a must and you hardly find any ski bag without them. However, it is much better if you have a choice. I prefer added strap with an adjustable length which gives you a choice between carrying in hand or over the shoulder.

Wheels are better – When your ski travelling consists of flying to ski resorts you should definitely think about a ski bag with wheels. The distance between the parking lot at the airport and the baggage check-in counter is usually long enough to justify your investment in wheeling a ski bag.

Easy packing – I hate to handle long skis and poles and try to put them in another long ski bag. To make packing easy I always appreciate ¾ length wrap-around zipper. Try it and you never ever return to a ski bag without it.





Single Padded Ski Bag

Padded Wheeling Double Ski Bag

Padded Ski Bag

Fully Padded Double SKI BAG W/WHEELS

Constructed of high-density polyester with waterproof backing

Holds one pair of skis

Fully padded end to end for ultimate protection of your gear

Self healing nylon coil zippers

Wheeled double-padded ski bag designed to hold 2 pairs skis

High-density polyester construction with waterproof backing and reinforced bottom

Inline skate wheels with corner protective housing; adjustable-length top handle

Fully padded interior; self-healing nylon zippers with lock and key

Strong double zipper

Reinforced shiny silver inner lining to prevent the bag from being cut by the ski

100% Polyester

Adjustable side straps


2 pair ski bag (2 pairs of skis + 2 pairs of poles)

Fully padded main compartment with padded divider

Compression straps





What about Ski Bag and Ski Boots Bag Combo?

Maybe it is just a fashion. But it looks really good when your Ski boots bag and Ski Bag look like twins. You usually will carry both together and women will appreciate if the bags are the same design and color. Most of people do not want to look like a canary in a parking lot when carrying their ski belongings to the slope. The second important reason is, that buying a combo usually comes with some price discount and you essentially save some cash which you can spend more wisely in some apres ski for some „bombardino“ drink.



Unisex Ski Bag and Boot Bag Combo

Two Piece Ski and Boot Bag Combo

Ski bag has a 3/4 length zipper and holds up to200 cm skis

One end can fold to secure shorter skis

Boot bag holds a single pair of ski boots up to size 13

Durable water-resistant fabric

Self-repairing nylon coil zippers

Ski bag fits most ski up to 200 cm in length and ski boot bag accomodates most boots up to size 13

Crafted of 600 denier water resistant polyester

Padded carrying handles

3/4 length wrap-around zipper to easily slide your skis



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  1. Hey, Thanks for the review really appreciate it. Helped me choose my next ski boot bag.


  2. What do you think about bags that hold both boots and skis? Would that be convenient or is it better to have each in a separate bag?

    • I prefer to have each in a separate bag, easier to pack two bags into the trunk.

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