Best Ski Boot Warmers – How to keep your Toes warm during winter

The most annoying thing about skiing could definitely be the weather. Just a few skiers enjoy skiing when there are deeply sub-zero temperatures outside. A warm ski jacket (check our ski jacket guide here) is not enough as the most suffering part of your body is your feet. Fortunately these days it is possible to find many different solutions to your freezing toes. There are enough ski boot warmers on the market to help you enjoy skiing even when it is freezing cold outside. Here is our guide to choosing the best ski boot warmers.

First, you have to decide if you would like to spend more money and get a comfortable solution, or you will save and get just the easy and cheap solution to freezing toes.

The cheap solution for not-so-cold afternoons in the mountains

Sometimes, when the expected weather is mild, you can withstand the cold with cheaper solutions. (you can check the weather of your favourite skiing destination at

You can use ski boot covers which save your toes from the melting snow and also give you an extra thermal layer. This extra layer can be enough if you are not too sensitive to cold.

You can add also simple toe warmers which are activated by air and are specially designed to rest smoothly in your ski boot. They work in tight conditions of ski boots where air does not move much and also they will not decrease your skiing comfort.

Additionally, you should use Ski Socks which are a must for every type of weather and skiing.

Check out these cheap and easy solutions to warm your toes during skiing:

DryGuy BootGlove Boot Covers

HotHands Toe Warmers

Thermal Compression Ski Socks

Windproof and waterproof
Thermal Protection Layer
Increase the temperature in the boot by +53°F

Especially designed for Toes
Long Lasting Heat Up to 8 hours
Air Activated

Compression Technology improving circulation and energizing legs
Merino Wool for Warmth
Moisture Wicking Means Dry Socks




The best solutions for cold conditions

Today, there is no problem adding electricity heating even to your ski boots. What sounds a little bit odd at first hear, is starting to be the new standard in skiing. With numerous possibilities, everyone can find his type of technological solution for his cold feet skiing problem.

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Our Best Ski Boot Warmers pick

Four temperature levels, rechargeable battery, remote control, rapid heating.

Excellent quality for a reasonable price – check it here.

How the Ski Boot Warmers work

Heating elements are connected to your insoles with self-adhesive covers and strips or you will use heat-ready insoles from the manufacturers. Heating elements are wired to the battery which is pinned to the ski boot from the outside. The newest ski boots have ready-on plugs for wires and for battery, which makes them much easier to install. However, even with older ski boots, you will have not a problem attaching wires to the boot with tape and battery to the boot with straps.

The good thing about ski boot warmers is that installation can be done by yourself at home. However, if you do not feel like the right one for installation, you can still ask at the nearest ski service branch. After a few minutes, you can walk into cold weather with pretty comfortable heated boots. Your skiing experience will be as great during freezing January as during sunny March.

The battery is either rechargeable or you will use the usual AA batteries inside. And some ski boot warmers even use wireless technology for connection between insoles and battery. That makes the ski boot warmers easier to use than ever before.

How is skiing with Ski boot warmers

At first, you can feel a little discomfort. You are not used to additional items being added to your boots, and it, of course, brings also extra weight. However, modern heaters are not too heavy (just a few pounds) and after the first few rides, you will not see any difference in style or comfort. Secondly, the warm feeling down on your toes will definitely bring you extra energy. As it is scientifically proven, if your body does not need to produce extra warmth to keep the body running, it will have more energy for skiing itself.

How to choose the best ski boot warmers

When choosing the most suitable ski boot warmers you have to consider a few parameters. First of all battery type, if it is rechargeable or not. Secondly, you have to take into account the weight. Smaller and with lower weight is always better, however, you have to put it in balance with the duration of heating. You have to find the best possible compromise between weight and duration as nobody wants to finish his skiing after a few minutes with freezing toes, which is much worse when you start with a nice warm down there.

Battery capacity and duration are directly connected with the temperature levels your ski boot warmers will provide. Usually, the better models give you choice with at least three different heating levels. Duration varies according to the heating level you use.

The last but not unimportant parameter of ski boot warmers is if it has or does not have a remote control. Sometimes the comfort connected with the remote control is what makes your skiing experience unique. Just imagine adding a little bit of extra heat during your ski cable ride up and then easily down the temperature a little bit when doing speedy run downhill.

The general rule says that higher durability and more temperature levels are linked with a higher price. But you still can find a good quality-to-price ratio when searching for the best ski boot warmers.






Rechargeable LiOn Bateries


Temperature Levels




Temperature Level/Duration

84–98°F(29-37°C) / 16.5 – 21 hours
107–121°F(42-49°C) / 7 – 10.5 hours
122–138°F(50-59°C) / 5 – 7.5 hours
158–176°F(70-78°C) / 2.5 – 4.5 hours

3 levels - 130°F/ 6 hours

140-150°F/2.5-4.5 hours
122-138°F/4-6 hours
104-120°F/5.5-7 hours

Remote Control




Wireless Technology







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Sometimes it is easier to buy one single set which gives you everything you need for boots warming. Our preferred set gives you three temperature levels with a long enough duration to enjoy all-day skiing even in the coolest weather ever. Special Trim Fit Insole which you easily put in your ski boot. And Remote Control is just the extra at the top. Enjoy your skiing in every weather from now.

View all ski boot warmers at Amazon here.

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