OutdoorMaster 2022/2023 Shopping Guide for Ski Goggles

There are three fundamental questions you need to ask yourself before shopping for snow goggles. First, you need to know what lens shape you prefer, what VLT means, and what your budget is. All three answers give you the filter you need to make the right decision regarding your new snow goggles. SkiProGuru and OutdoorMaster are here to help you with all you need to know about snow goggles (types of lens, VLT explanation, pricing).

OutdoorMaster is a well-known international company specialized in producing outdoor gear. Its product portfolio consists of SUP (stand-up paddleboards and accessories), ski equipment, and skateboards. The snow products include ski goggles, helmets, clothes, and bags. They are the official sponsor for ski goggles to Austrian Olympic competitor Lukas Müllauer and French World Cup competitor Paul Vieuxtemps. 

OutdoorMaster Pro XM Ski Goggles (Photo Credit: SkiProGuru.com)

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Lens Shape

One of the most important factors when shopping for snow goggles is lens shape. The shape of your lens affects your view in all directions, can influence the fogging of goggles, and impact snow goggles’ price.

There are three different lens shapes, and all of them are offered by OutdoorMaster.

Cylindrical lenses

Cylindrical lenses are the primary option that offers good performance at a lower price.

They are curved horizontally and flat vertically (sometimes they are also called “flat” lenses). Their shape causes them to be closer to your face, and that can result in increased fogging. Also, cylindrical lenses have a bigger surface for UV rays, and sometimes your vision can be distorted in corners due to the vertical flatness.

On another side, cylindrical lenses are less prone to getting scratched thanks to the shape and frame of the goggles.

Snow goggles with cylindrical lenses as OutdoorMaster Meander Snow Goggles are aimed at people who prefer a “flat” look and enjoy smaller space between lenses and face. Moreover, they are available at excellent prices.

Spherical lenses

Spherical lenses are a step forward from cylindrical lenses. They are curved not just horizontally but also vertically. That means they look bigger and the “bubble” effect of goggles is more visible. They are a bit more expensive than flat lenses, but you will get much better performance thanks to the shape of the lenses.

With spherical lenses, you will get better peripheral vision, minimum distortion, and reduced glare. Another advantage is the larger space between your face and lenses that decreases the possibility of fogging.

OutdoorMaster PRO XM and ULTRA XM Snow Goggles have spherical lenses and offer a good performance-to-price ratio.

Toric lenses

Toric lenses were introduced just lately. This new invention takes the snow goggles vision another step further.

The toric lens is curved both horizontally and vertically, but the curvature vertically is slightly lower. That combines the clear view of the cylindrical lens and a wide peripheral view of the spherical lens. So overall, you will get a better and clearer view.

The space between the lens and face is smaller than with spherical lenses but bigger than with cylindrical lenses. This medium space is sufficient for fighting the fog.

Moreover, toric lenses with their shape reduce surface points for UV rays.

OutdoorMaster, as a frontrunner in the industry, already has two snow goggles with toric lenses (VISION XL and ULTRA XL)  available at reasonable prices.

What is VLT, and how do I choose the right VLT?

You will see shortcode VLT a lot when shopping for new snow goggles or lenses. In addition, understanding the VLT is essential when choosing the right lenses for your day on hills.

VLT means Visible Light Transmission and says how much light will pass through your goggle lens. VLT is the percentage between zero (0%) and hundred (100%) and states how many amounts of light is allowed to go through the lens.

Depending on the weather (sunny, cloudy, foggy, or snowy), you will prefer lenses with different VLTs.

On sunny and clear days, you will pick a lens with low VLT (5 – 20%) as you need to keep light out and protect your eyes. However, on cloudy days you should prefer goggles with VLT range from 50 to 70%. And during night skiing or snowboard sessions, your choice will be a clear lens or lens with high VLTs of over 80%.

VLT – What Lenses you should use?

The good thing about OutdoorMaster snow goggles is the magnetic interchangeable lens system. That allows you to pack more lenses with you and change them according to the weather and light conditions at any time.

What are the prices for OutdoorMaster Goggles?

OutdoorMaster has a full range of snow goggles available at reasonable prices.

Best Budget Option: OTG XS

You can start as low as $35.99 with OutdoorMaster OTG XS snow goggles. OTG XS is the budget option for anyone who needs quality goggles to fit and fulfill its role.

OTG XS snow goggles offer 100% UV 400 protection and an over-the-glasses design with dual-layer lenses and anti-fog coating.

Best Price-Performance-Ratio: PRO XM Bundle

We tested OutdoorMaster PRO XM snow goggles and were extremely satisfied (read the full review here). Its price is slightly over $60 and comes with a bonus lens.

OutdoorMaster PRO XM snow goggles have frameless spherical lenses and magnetic changing systems. UV 400 protection, anti-fog coating, and polarized HD lenses are other excellent features these goggles provide.

Best Price for Toric Lens: VISION XL

Not all manufacturers have toric lens goggles in a portfolio. And if they have, the price can be high.

OutdoorMaster VISION XL snow goggles have a toric lens, and their price is really low. VISION XL with a bonus lens has a bigger value than its price of $74.99. They have all technologies you require (anti-fog coating, 100% UV 400 protection, helmet compatibility, easy fit, and adjustability) plus a toric lens that gives you a better view.

Best Technology: ULTRA XL

If you want the absolute top of technology, you should choose OutdoorMaster ULTRA XL snow goggles.

At a price slightly below $100, you will get all you can imagine: toric lens, color-optimization technology, super-HD technology for a clearer view, three layers of anti-fog coating, and 100% UV400 protection.

Read below the details of all technologies, and you will see that it is a steal at this price.


Color-Optimization Technology 

Your view of the terrain is critical not just for your comfort but also for your safety.

Color-Optimization aims at boosting the contrast and improving the color brightness by filtering the blue light. This technology is beneficial in recognizing the irregularities of terrains as bumps or crevasses.

Super HD Technology

Super HD aims at providing relief to your eyes and at the same time helps you see everything more clearly. The lens with Super HD reduces the refraction and increases the focus with less effort.

Super HD Technology by Outdoor Master

Powerful Anti-Fog Coating

Fogging is the unpleasant part of skiing or snowboarding. However, it is not inevitable.

It can be reduced by anti-fog coating and proper ventilation. OutdoorMaster ULTRA XL uses triple-layer foam to maximize your goggles’ ventilation and additional anti-fog coating on your lenses. The fog will be a thing of the past with ULTRA XL.

Overall OutdoorMaster ULTRA XL snow goggles are the top product for your skiing.

You can shop all OutdoorMaster Goggles here.

OutdoorMaster Snow Goggles FAQ

i) Should I get goggles with an interchangeable magnetic system?

Yes, you definitely should.

The interchangeable magnetic system is easy to use, and switching the lens takes just seconds.

The magnetic system gives you the flexibility to adapt to different weather and visibility conditions. You can change the lens in seconds when the weather conditions change. In addition, an interchangeable magnetic system lets you take more lenses and pick the one according to the weather. That improves your satisfaction and safety on any given day, be it cloudy or sunny.

ii) Do you have goggles for kids? 

Yes, OutdoorMaster has two different kids’ snow goggles.

Lollipop XS and Happy Valley XS models are available at reasonable prices in different color alternatives.

Both models have flexible plastic frames, 100% UV400 protection, and are helmet-compatible. In addition, they are designed in fresh eye-catching colors.

iii) Which of OutdoorMaster’s Goggles have an OTG (Over the Glass) design?

All OutdoorMaster’s Goggles are made with OTG (Over the glass) design. They fit all glasses with a maximum length of 5.3” and a width of 1.65”

iv) I am shopping for ski goggles as a gift – any suggestions?

It all depends on your budget and wish.

If you are looking for budget goggles then we will recommend OTG XS Goggles.

If you want to get the best performance for a reasonable price, go for OutdoorMaster PRO XM Snow Goggles.

If you have an unlimited budget and want the top technology available, OutdoorMaster ULTRA XL are snow goggles made for you.

There are also two models for kids in funny colors, attractive designs, and superior quality: Lollipop XS and Happy Valley XS Snow Goggles.

If you are into art, you can choose from special editions of “art” designed straps on snow goggles made by Stevie Gee (four different color illustrations) or Simon Beck (four different canvas designs).

And last but not least, if you care about the climate, we suggest the Eco-Friendly XM Snow Goggles. OutdoorMaster reduced the plastic material used in manufacturing these goggles and use recyclable material instead. The lenses are made from recyclable TAC material extracted from cotton. Straps are made from bamboo extracts, and anti-slip silicone is prepared from natural rubber.

You can shop all OutdoorMaster Goggles here.

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