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What is the perfect length of alpine or cross-country skis? There is no universal answer to this question. Skier height is the most important factor, however not the only one. To help you with choosing the right ski length we develop easy to use ski length calculator. You will find the minimum and maximum recommended length of skis and poles according to your height and type of skis you look for.

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Alpine Ski Length Calculator or Cross Country Ski Length Calculator

For more information about how the other factors (eg. type of terrain, your weight, etc.) impact your choice of skis go below or click here for Alpine Skis Additional Advice or here for Cross Country Skis Additional Advice.



Additional advice for choosing the right alpine skis for you

The general rule says that you should pick alpine skis with a length between your chin and top of the head. However, the reality is much more complicated. Here is the list of other factors impacting your choice of right alpine skis.

Ability Level

If you are a beginner or intermediate skier, you should consider shorter alpine skis [check minimum recommended length for your height].


If you are lower weight, you should consider shorter alpine skis [check minimum recommended length for your height]. In contrary, if you are heavier weight, you should consider longer alpine skis [check maximum recommended length for your height].

Skiing Style

Pick longer alpine skis if you want to ski fast and aggressively [check maximum recommended length for your height].

If you enjoy making a lot of short turns, go for shorter alpine skis [check minimum recommended length for your height].

Picking shorter alpine skis gives you better control and maneuverability on the slope. If you like speed, you should choose longer alpine skis.


If you are not sure about what type of snow you will be skiing, choose All Mountain Skis.

With a lot of new powder snow on a slope, you need to stay afloat. Therefore, you should choose wider alpine skis.


Additional advice for choosing the right cross country skis for you

Cross Country Skis are longer and narrower than Alpine Skis. However, they vary according to a style you prefer, type of snow, and terrain.

Skate or Classic

Cross-country skis for skate are shorter than skis for classic style. In the contrary, poles for classic cross-country skiing are shorter than poles for skating.


Heavier weight skiers should prefer longer cross-country skis [check maximum recommended length for your height ].

Lower weight skiers should pick shorter cross-country skis [check minimum recommended length for your height].

You will find more detailed information about different types of cross-country skis here in our comprehensive cross-country skis guide.


Want to try Snowboard? Go to our Snowboard Length Calculator.


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  1. I just bought “new-to-me” X-Country skies and poles from a garage sale. evrything matched per/my weight and height. Now its on to boots. I struggled with identifying the sns/nnn type and your site had pics! great help, thank you. I am not new to X-country skiing, but still a novice in 68 of my years. I still have the older style ski kit with 3 pins and large basket on poles, good for off trail.
    Thank you for providing good usable information and guides.


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