Snowboard & Ski Storage Racks – How to store your gear efficiently?

There is one problem when you start skiing more seriously. How to store your skis and poles or snowboard during the season and off-season? Of course, you can find some temporary place where you rest your skis against the wall for a while. But sooner or later, you will face a problem with falling skis, scratches on the wall and dirt on the floor. Maybe you can withstand this with one pair of skis, but you will hardly hold on with this solution with more pairs of skis or with additional gear. It is time for snowboard & ski storage racks. Read below my quick guide with questions you have to answer before choosing the best ski storage rack solution.

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How many skis and snowboards you wanna store?

First of all, you should know what exactly you need to store. Ski or Snowboard? Cross Country Skis or Alpine Skis? Kids Skis? How many pairs of skis do you need to store? The possible solutions range from racks for one pair of skis to multi-skis racks. It is good to think about the future too. Would you like to have two pairs of skis for you in the future? Do you intend to start snowboarding or cross-country skiing? All this will impact your decision about suitable ski storage racks. I recommend being more generous at the start. It is better to have free space in disposal than later trying to find a solution to extend the already bought storage rack.

Advice #1 – Count the pairs of skis and snowboards you already have and add some extra space for the future. 

Where? Wall, Ceiling or Floor?

Now you know how big will be and how many pairs of skis should your new storage rack accommodate. You look around your flat or house and need to decide where exactly you want to store your ski and snowboard gear. Garage or technical room? Is there space next to the wall or do you need to hang everything above the head under the ceiling? Think also about the dirt and wetness you bring during the season on your skis.

If you have enough space at home I would recommend free-standing ski storage racks. They are the easiest to handle and you can move all storage racks if you need. It also saves your wall from scratches.

However, I know that many of us do not have so big space and need to find a place at the wall or under the ceiling.

Advice #2 – Think about the space around the storage racks, how often is used and if the racks will not obstruct movement around. 

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Horizontal or Vertical Ski Storage Racks?

In case, you decide to put the storage rack on the wall you need to decide if you want horizontal or vertical ski storage racks. It is good to know that horizontal racks are better for storing snowboards. However, the vertical ski storage racks are easier to handle.

Advice #3 – Count the pairs of skis and snowboards you already have and add some extra space for the future. 

Material & Design

You can find a lot of different ski and snowboard storage racks at shops – check Amazon’s best-selling ski storage racks here. You can choose racks made from wood or stainless steel in different sizes and layouts. It is just up to your preferences and design attitude.

Advice #4 – Think about other essential ski gear (helmets, boots, ski skins, etc.). It is good to have everything in one place, ideally attached to your ski storage rack.

How to install a ski storage rack?

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