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Late spring, summer, and early autumn are tough months for all skiers and snowboarders. Snow melts and waiting for the new season can be really long. Fortunately, there are a lot of opportunities for summer days that can replace the usual dose of skiing or snowboarding.

The easiest but also the most expensive possibility is to travel to a few locations where snow never melts. Glaciers and indoor ski centers offer skiing opportunities for all year round. However, skiing at glaciers during summer is pretty expensive as is traveling around the globe to enjoy winter all year. Indoor ski centers do not come at cheap prices too and the slopes there are not too steep and too long to offer full skiing experience. Therefore we put together the list of possible sports activities to keep you fit during the summer and also offering a similar kind of experiences like skis or snowboards.

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Real Snow Skiing and Snowboarding

Glacier Skiing


Approximately 36 ski resorts offer skiing on the snow in the summer. Yes, skiing on glaciers is possible. The experience is quite similar to the usual snow skiing. The snow is icier, the sun is harsher, the weather is changing faster. But overall it is the ultimate skiing experience everybody should try. Check our worldwide list of Glacier Ski Resorts and our checklist of things you should know about glacier skiing here.

Indoor Ski Centers

Ski Dubai (c) Filipe Fortes from New York, United States

The first indoor skiing center in North America opens in December 2019 in New Jersey. Europe has more than 30 indoor skiing resorts. Ski Dubai is already famous and in China, we have more than 3 indoor ski halls. Finland is a world powerhouse in cross-country skiing in ski tunnels. Read more about the pros and cons of skiing indoor and pick up the closest indoor ski center from a worldwide list we compiled for you here: Indoor Skiing and Indoor Ski Resorts.

Water Ski Sports

Water Skis & Water Skiing

Shift the weight from the left foot to the right foot when turning on two skis or keep the balance on snowboard or monoski. Water skiing is closest to snow skiing and snowboarding. Well, there are some substantial differences (like need to be pulled all time) but for keeping the muscle memory, water skiing is the best substitution of pure skiing. Check what you need for starting your water career, what you need to be aware of and what will be the reward after a few practices. Our beginner’s guide for everything water skiing related is here.

SUP aka Stand-Up Paddleboards


All your muscles will be connected. Legs, Hands, Abdominal muscles. No muscle will be left. Ideal for cross-country skiers or snowboarders. Easy riding on the water, no need to be dependent on ski-lift. Freedom of movement will be praised by young snowboarders, movement and use of the hands will be praised by cross-country skiers. Paddleboards are hit of the last few years. Join the hype and enjoy one of the best sports for summer leisure time. Check our beginners guide for everything SUP (Paddleboards) related

Surfing & Windsurfing

It is no surprise that a lot of professional snowboarders are surfing at pro-level during summer. Surfing is an ideal activity for snowboarders. You will practice balancing and turning with shifting the weight. Windsurfing is slightly different but still, the power needs to come from your legs. Moreover, you need to be very flexible to enjoy the right wind.

Canoeing & Kayaking

We prefer paddleboards but canoe or kayak is also a good choice of how to travel on the water. You will connect your arms in a big way and that can be pretty useful in January on cross-country ski tracks.

Roller Ski Sports

Roller Skis

There is no better training for cross-country skiers than using roller skis during summer. The almost the same movement with a slight difference when slowing or trying to stop the run. All the muscles you connect on the snow will be connected at roller skis too.

Roller Skates

A popular activity for summer is slightly different from skiing, but it still offers enough to prepare you for winter. It is much easier to buy good and cheap roller skates than roller skis. And it is also easier to find a good track to practice. The brakes are obviously part of skates that make it much easier to stop when you need to.


Snowboarders who live far from the lake or sea and can not go surfing for the summer have another possibility of how to practice. Skateboarding is a sub-culture of a kind but it needs a lot of work to skate like a pro. Keeping the balance, jumping or riding the U-ramp need a special set of skills. Snowboarders should have them all so do not hesitate and go for it.

On and Off-Season Practice Tools

Balance Boards

Balance board is a simple idea but ideal for practicing for all snowboarders, skateboarders, surfers or even skiers. It strengthens your body core, improves your body and feet coordination and helps with keeping balance. You can practice everywhere (living room, nature, balcony, …) and anytime (summer, winter, snowtime, …). They come at low prices and are ideal training partners even for those coming back from injuries. Read our definitive guide to the best balance boards for everyone.

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