Top 2020/2021 Cross-Country Skis Models

New season, new models. Every ski season brings new models from leading manufacturers. We went through their catalogs, shops, and demo sessions for the upcoming season to find out what is new and what is really worth it. Here is our choice of best cross-country skis 2020/2021 models. Enjoy it.

This article is regularly updated with new cross-country skis models as they become available in shops.

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Best Price/Quality Package for Beginner Skiers

Whitewoods Cross-Country Skis with 3-Pin Bindings, Boots and Poles

You will not find Whitewoods Nordic skis on world cup trails. However, they are very popular among recreational cross-country skiers. The reason behind the popularity is good quality to price ratio. They belong to the cheaper models and come in packages. You get all you need including skis, bindings (3-pin system mounted on the skis), ski boots and ski poles. That all make your shopping much easier.

The 3-pin bindings system used by Whitewoods is the old one and the simplest bindings system available at the moment. However, for starters or recreational skiers can be still useful. You just need to be aware that you will not be able to use your Whitewoods ski boots with other skis with different bindings systems (SNS or Turnamic). Similarly, any other ski boots (except NNN models) will not be compatible with your skis and pre-mounted ski bindings.

I would recommend Whitewoods Nordic skis for beginners or recreational skiers who are looking for an inexpensive solution. Ideal if you plan to use skis for easy and modest trips on groomed trails for more seasons.


Best Junior Cross-Country Skis 2020

Rossignol EVO Action 55

Rossignol is a traditional producer of skis and skis accessories. Their models are available at affordable prices and offer up-to-date technologies. Their Rossignol EVO Action (ACT) nordic skis are an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate junior skiers.

The wider dimensions and shorter length provide desired stability and better control on the track. The waxless base offers a good mix of grip and glade. Additionally, with recommended Turnamic step-in bindings no-preparation is needed and enables “come and ski” experience without delay.

If you look for a starter model for your kid or junior, Rossignol is an ideal combination of low price and extremely high quality.


Best Backcountry Cross-Country Skis for Beginners and Intermediate Skiers 2020

Fischer Orbiter EF IFP Cross-Country Skis

Fischer Orbiter is the ideal choice for a beginner or intermediate skier who enjoys long cruising trips around snowed backcountry. The Orbiter is a universal ski for classic and skate style. They are extremely light to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Orbiter EF is a more forgiving ski offering smooth gliding with excellent stability. Skis come with a pre-mounted IFP plate for Turnamic Binding.


Best Backcountry Cross-Country Skis for Intermediate and Advanced Skiers 2020

Rossignol BC80 Positrack Unisex Cross-Country Skis

Rossignol backcountry models belong to the top of the market. Steel edges increase the grip and control during downhills. Positrack base provides a good mix of grip and glide in all snow conditions during going uphill. Waxless base offers skiing without any delay at the start. Rossignol BC80 is a unisex model light enough to provide good control and maneuverability also to smaller bodies.

Rossignol BC80 Positrack is usually sold together with Rottefella Magnum Bindings.


Best Race Cross-Country Skis for Professional and Advanced Skiers

Fischer SpeedMax 3D Cross-Country Skis

Ski Style: Skate or Classic
Recommended Bindings: Turnamic
Skate Types: Plus Medium, Plus Stiff, Plus XtraStiff, Cold Medium, Cold Stiff
Classic Types: Twin Skin Soft, Twin Skin Medium, Twin Skin Stiff, Classic Plus 902 Soft, Classic Plus 902 Medium, Classic Plus 902 Stiff, Classic Plus 812 Soft, Classic Plus 812 Medium

Fischer SpeedMax 3D cross-country skis are the top of the top models available this season. SpeedMax 3D skis are made out of world cup experience for world cup skiers. They have all the leading technologies you need for skiing as fast as possible. SpeedMax 3D is available in skate and classic versions with types ranging from soft to extra stiff.

Speedmax 3D is available also in shorter Junior versions.

Embedded Technologies: Skating 610 (in Skate Skis), Twin Skins (in Classic Skis) Prewaxed, Hole Ski Tip, Precision Pairing System, AirCore HM Carbon – for extremely lightweight


SALOMON RS Skate Cross-Country Skis

Salomon is emerging as a serious contender in nordic skiing in the last years. Their RS Skate skis offer high-tech features that every pro skier respects.

Salomon RS Skate skis combine benefits of the S/LAB model (the premium innovative technology lab of Salomon) and lightweight D-Carbon core. This mix gives you a world cup performance base together with good control of light and maneuverable ski. At the 192 cm length, the weight of skis is just 645 grams.

Salomon RS Skate skis are predrilled at the optimum position for any SNS/Prolink binding. The binding itself is often part of the package at many shops.


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