Best Air Pumps for Inflatable SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboards)

Inflatable SUPs (Stand-Up Paddleboards) are very popular. They are easy to store and easy to transport. Their construction makes them suitable not just for beginners but also for intermediate or advanced “supers.” The only bothering thing is that you have to inflate them before use. Usually, you will get your first air pump in the package when buying a paddleboard. That is a good thing, but do not expect the air pump “for free” to be the best possible pump available. Therefore, we looked deeper and tried to find out the best air pumps for inflatable paddleboards; the best in terms of the effort you have to invest in inflating and also in terms of price and quality.

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First, we need to define what we want from the best air pump for inflating and deflating our paddleboard. Our criteria are: how much effort we need to invest in inflating/deflating, price, size of the air pump (ability to transport and store) and other useful features that make our life (and paddleboarding) easier. There are three basic categories of air pumps: Hand Air Pumps, Electric Air Pumps, Battery Air Pumps.

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Hand Air Pumps

A hand or Manual Air pump is the usual sweetener from shops when you buy an inflatable paddleboard. They are not very expensive ($20 – $40) and almost unbreakable. The price is the biggest advantage of hand air pumps. They are not very storage or transport-friendly due to their shape and size. Moreover, you need to put an extra manual effort to inflate your large paddleboard, and it will delay your water experience for long minutes. Almost all models offer a dual-action mode, so the pump will also help in deflating the paddleboard. Manual air pumps at the higher end of the price range are equipped with a pressure gauge on top of the handle. Generally, hand air pumps are the right choice when you need to save money, or you will inflate your paddleboard far from the electricity plug (or your car).

AIRHEAD Double Action Hand PumpSBBC - Inflatable Paddle Board PumpTHURSO SURF Manual Pump
Manual Dual Action (inflate/deflate)
14 Psi Maximum Pressure
Manual Dual Action (inflate/deflate)
Pressure Gauge Pre-Installed
Manual Dual Action (inflate/deflate)
Pressure Gauge Pre-Installed
Price: $Price: $Price: $$

Electric Air Pumps

The step in the right direction is investing in an Electric Air Pump. The most significant advantage is that you will save your muscles for paddleboarding. All the inflating and deflating work will be done for you by the pump. Moreover, the electric pump will do the work much quicker than you with the hand air pump. Your only job will be to connect the hose and push the button. The second advantage lies in the size of electric air pumps. They are smaller than hand pumps, and they are much easier to store or transport. Usually, they come in prefabricated boxes or bags.

The downside of electric air pumps is the price. The cheaper models come around $40+, and the most expensive models with a lot of additional features cost more than $100.

Electric Air Pumps are powered through cable from the Car Power Outlet with standard DC 12V. Therefore you will be entirely dependent on your car or another source of 12V power. Keep that in mind when you go paddleboarding to secret spots with no parking spots.

Or you can keep buy Electric Pump with Power Box and you get needed freedom and pump your board wherever you want. Check this review of the Cachalot Mini Pump with Power Box here.

OutdoorMaster SUP Air PumpSereneLife Premium Compact Digital Air PumpSeamax SUP Electric Air Pump
Pressure Range: 0.5-20 PSI (0.034-1.378 Bar)
Able to inflate 3 SUP in a row
Inflation Auto-Off Function
DC Power Cord Length: 9ft (2.75m)
4.5ft Hose
12V DC Car Connector
Built-in carrying handle for easy transportation
Digital display with real-time pressure monitoring
Adjustable PSI air pressure setting showing preset pressure selection
Auto shut off when desired pressure is reached
3.3 feet air hose
12 Volts DC car vehicle connection.
Pressure range 0-16 PSI
Multi-unit digital LCD display (psi/KPA/bar)
Digital pressure LCD screen
Max pressure 20 PSI (1.378 Bar /138 Kilo-Pascal)
The range of pressure value from 0.5 to 20PSI
Pump maximum continued working time is 20 minutes with auto-off
Built-in a digital pressure gauge for real-time monitoring
Auto-stop when set pressure value reached
12V DC Car connector
Price: 20% off with code PUMP2023 herePrice: $$Price: $$

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Battery Air Pumps

Battery Air Pumps are the best possible solution for inflating your inflatable SUP. You are not dependent on a car or other DC outlets. Battery air pumps have rechargeable batteries built-in, so you can use them wherever you need them. They can also be powered via an integrated car plug power cable. They are convenient and easy to store or transport.

Unfortunately, the freedom battery air pump offers is balanced by its price, north of $100. Other disadvantages are the weight and the need to recharge the battery before you leave for your trip. Also, the maximum pressure is usually lower than pumps directly powered by cable. The battery life depends on the pressure you will use for inflating.

SereneLife Electric SUP Air Pump Compressor
3.3 ft air hose
A built-in 12V LI-ION, 6000mAh rechargeable battery
Recharging time approx. 6 hours
Alternatively can be powered via integrated car plug power cable
Battery life depends on the way of use
Digital LCD screen and touch button control panel
Pressure range: 0 - 16 PSI
Adjustable PSI air pressure settings
Space-saving compact design, convenient carry handle for easy travel
Price: $$$$


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