The Ultimate Guide to the Best Heated Ski Jackets and Vests

A cruel cold and freezing can destroy every skiing session. The good thing is an external source of heat can keep that warmth. You can use heated ski socks and gloves and even ski jackets. How do they work? And can they be useful to you? Let’s read our answers to the most asked questions regarding heated ski jackets and vests.

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How do heated jackets and vests work?
What material is used?
Which part of the jacket is heated?
Where are the batteries placed, and what batteries are used?
What temperature levels do heated ski jackets and vests offer?
What is the battery life span?
How to control the temperature level?
Can you wash heated jackets?
Heated ski jackets prices
What are the best-heated ski jackets?

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How do heated jackets and vests work?

The tiny electric wires are woven into the jacket textile. The wires are connected to the battery that produces energy that transforms into heat.

Jackets Material

Jackets are made from the same material as any other non-heated jackets. They use the same waterproof and windproof technology to keep you warm even without the heating element.

Which parts are heated?

Ski Jackets and Vests have three or four heated parts. Usually, they provide additional heat on your left & right abdomen, mid-back, and collar (if you have apparel with four heated parts).

These parts of your upper body are the most important to keep you warm.

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Heated apparel generally uses rechargeable lithium batteries. The battery is usually placed in the inner pocket of the jacket.

The top models also offer a USB port on the battery for recharging your phone.

The batteries are supplied with chargers. The full recharge from an empty state takes up to seven hours.

Temperature Level & Battery Life

Most of the models offer three heating levels: approximately 86℉/30℃ – 104℉/40℃ – 122℉/50℃.

You can switch on and set the heating level via simple button control.

Depending on the use, battery life is from three to ten hours—the higher heating level results in a shorter battery life span and vice versa.

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Washing of Heated Ski Jackets and Vests

Heated ski jackets and vests are usually machine washable. That is a big difference between ski jackets and gloves or socks with heating elements.

Of course, you need to disconnect and take out the battery before washing.

It is recommended to let the jacket thoroughly dry before reconnecting the battery.


The heated ski vests’ prices start at $50. Ski jacket prices are a bit higher, starting at $100, the top models usually cost $150 and more.

Best Heated Ski Jackets Available

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Three heated areas

Six heated areas

Five heated areas




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