Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Lens Ski Goggles Review

OutdoorMaster Pro Snow Goggles have been an essential part of my skiing experience for a few years. This winter I got a chance to test and review a new OutdoorMaster Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Lens Ski Goggles. Is it an upgrade to my previous goggles? Read more to find out.

For the record: The Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Lens Ski Goggles for purposes of this review was provided by OutdoorMaster. This post contains affiliate links and we will be compensated if you purchase after clicking on these links.

Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Lens Ski Goggles Review

OutdoorMaster Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Lens

OutdoorMaster Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Lens

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OutdoorMaster decided to go with Zeiss Lenses for their Falcon ski goggles. For those, who do not know, Zeiss is a manufacturer of optical systems and optoelectronics founded more than 170 years ago in the German town of Jena. For me, Zeiss was always a synonym of the best possible optics.

Therefore my expectations for Falcon Ski Goggles were at the highest level. And I was not disappointed.

The most important thing about ski goggles is the view. You need to see very clearly to be able to adapt to different snow and terrain changes at high speed.

The wide not-obstructed view is important for peripheral vision when there are more people on the slope. And of course, the anti-fog feature is a matter of course for any ski goggles.

Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Goggles are just great in all respects.

Zeiss lenses provide a crystal clear view in any condition. The high contrast helps you to react to any distractions, and the fogging is a matter of the past with those lenses. Frameless design lets you use your peripheral vision all the time.

I was thrilled and satisfied during my test rides with the quality of the view. And by the way, the design is great too.

The lenses are made of dual layers to ensure the appropriate safety of your eyes. Moreover, Falcon goggles are designed as OTG (over-the-glass) to fit over any prescription glasses. And that is good news for vision-impaired skiers.

OutdoorMaster Falcon Zeiss Goggles

Outdoor Master Falcon Zeiss with box

I almost forget to mention MagKlick, the magnetic quick-release system for swapping lenses in one second. And that is just because I got used to it with my previous OutdoorMaster Pro snow goggles.

Overall, Falcon Cylindrical Zeiss Ski Goggles are definitely the upgrade of already perfect previous OutdoorMaster ski goggles.

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