Neberon Pro Heated Gloves Review

Keeping your hands and feet warm is essential in freezing weather if you wanna enjoy a full day on the slopes. The heated gloves give you a chance to have an entertaining day on skis even when the temperature falls deep below zero. I got a chance to try a new Neberon Pro Heated Gloves and here is the summary of my experience.

For the record: The Neberon Pro Heated Gloves for purposes of this review were provided by Neberon. This post contains affiliate links, and we can be compensated if you purchase after clicking on these links.

Neberon Pro Heated Gloves Review

Neberon Pro Heated Gloves

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The Neberon Pro Heated Gloves were delivered in a nice orange-themed box. It includes the gloves, storage bag, two batteries (one for each glove), and power adapter.

Neberon Pro Heated Gloves Box
Neberen Pro Heated Gloves Delivery Box

Of course, you can and should read the included manual (I did it) but everything is very intuitive.


At first sight, the gloves seem massive as they would warm your hands even without an external source of energy. They fit very comfortably and you feel the strong material (waterproof and breathable) that will secure your hands.

The white-black color combination of gloves is very neat. Ladies will appreciate that this color combination will go with any jacket you have.

The prevailing black on the gloves ensures that they will look clean for a long time. And still, you can wash them in the machine on a cold and gentle cycle, or in hand.

The Neberen Pro Heated Gloves also have all the helpful tweaks you expect when buying new gloves.

Thumb and pointing fingers covers are made from touch-sensitive material.

There are pull tabs attached for easy glove removal, an anti-lost buckle, pull loops, adjustable wrist bands, and a cuff drawstring.

The only question I have not solved yet is if I prefer to wear gloves over or under the jacket sleeves.

Anti-lost buckle in a use
Anti-lost buckle in use

How to use it

First of all, you need to charge your batteries. The adapter has two plugs at the end so you can charge both batteries at the same time. That is very useful!

Charging took approximately two hours (the manual says it is exactly 2 hours and 12 minutes), and the batteries are ready to use.

The gloves have side pockets on the back side with a plug-in connector, that needs to be connected to the battery. If you are afraid that the gloves with batteries will be too heavy, do not worry. The change in weight of gloves with batteries is negligible.

You turn on the heating with a long press of the control button. Then you can switch heating levels with a short press of the same button.

The state of the battery is shown by three green LED lights, the heating level is shown by the color of the power button (red = high, blue = medium, green = low).

Heating duration depends on the chosen level and external conditions.

Heating LevelTemperatureHeating Duration
High [Red]60-65°C [140-149°F]ca 2-2.5 hrs
Medium [Blue]50-55°C [122-131°F]ca 3-4.5 hrs
Low [Green]40-45°C [104-113°F]ca 7.5 -8 hrs

Neberon Pro Heated Gloves: How to plug the battery in and switch heating levels


There are two heated areas on Neberen Pro gloves. The back of the palm and all five fingers (not just the tip of them)

The response time of heating is just a few seconds after turning on.

If you have not worn heated gloves before, you will be surprised by the level of heating. It is very comfortable.

The highest (red) level will not burn your hands but warm them very quickly and then you can switch to lower heating levels to keep the hands warm for all-day skiing.

I have good experience with batteries to cover my full eight-hour shifts on the slopes using the lowest (green) heating level.

The feel of the heating is very pleasant, your hands are in a natural warm environment. It is not too hot or too cold, just the usual room temperature level for your hands during skiing.

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My overall Neberon Pro heated gloves experience

Overall I think these gloves made my day of skiing more comfortable than before. To have an option to switch on the heating when I feel cold is just a great experience. Not a minute lost for warming myself in apres-ski but a full day of skiing no matter what the temperature is.

The comfortable warm conditions for your hand are just what you need to make your skiing as pleasant as you always wished.

By the way, Neberon is doing more than just heated gloves, check their other heated apparel at their shop too.

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