OutdoorMaster Ocean Spirit All Round iSUP Board Review

You probably know Outdoor Master is the top producer of quality ski goggles. But they have also a summer product portfolio consisting mainly of paddleboards (and accessories). When I got the chance to review a paddleboard from OutdoorMaster I did not hesitate for a moment. As a starter in this sport, I picked up an all-around board, rather shorter and wider for better stability and control. The Ocean Spirit iSUP Board was the choice that should satisfy my needs. Here is a recap of my experience with this paddleboard.

For the record: The Ocean Spirit iSUP for purposes of this review was provided by OutdoorMaster. This post contains affiliate links, and we can be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

Ocean Spirit All-Round iSUP Board Review

Ocean Spirit iSUP Board

Type All-Round
Weight 20 lbs
Length 10’6″
Width 32″
Thickness 4.7″
Capacity 280 lbs
Suggested PSI 13 PSI
Maximum PSI 15 PSI

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Backpack for easy transport and storing

Ocean Spirit paddleboard is shipped with many accessories and one of them is a wheeled travel backpack.

Transport and storage of the paddleboard worried me the most before the purchase of any SUP. Fortunately, one of the biggest fears disappeared just at the beginning.

Making new friends with paddleboard

It is large enough for the board (deflated) and all accessories you need to carry. Plus there is enough space left in the backpack for your other personal belonging as spare clothes, snacks, or even bigger things. The backpack is made from heat-insulated material (what a surprise) that can be very useful.

The bag has wheels for easier transport and also straps for carrying it on your back. Do not worry average-strength man (like me) can carry SUP and belongings easily on his back.

The good thing is that backpack is very compact and you can fit it easily in any closet when you will be looking for a place where to store your paddleboard in the winter.

This wheeled travel backpack is free of charge and is shipped together with your Ocean Spirit iSUP board. It can be used in many other ways. In reality, it is a fully acceptable travel bag for any possible purpose.

What you get in the package with Ocean Spirit Paddleboard

Except for the paddleboard itself, you will get a number of other necessary items when you order Ocean Spirit Paddleboard from OutdoorMaster.

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The paddle enclosed to your Ocean Spirit iSUP board is adjustable. It comes in three parts that you easily assemble together. You can set the desired length of the paddle in the range of 170 cm to 210 cm. The ideal length of the paddle is your height plus 20 or 30 cm. The easy adjusting system let you set up and then change the paddle length whenever you want.

Hand Pump

Another important tool is the Hand Pump for inflating your paddleboard. HandPump provided by Outdoor Master has a pressure meter embedded, so you will have no problem reaching desired pressure of 13 PSI. It has two modes: low pressure and high pressure for optimal pressuring.

Assembling the hand pump and attaching it to the valve of the board is very easy. The inflating itself took me not more than 10 minutes and I enjoyed every moment of it. However, you can do it in five minutes without sweating if you do not stop for photoshoots.

Inflating SUP

Waterproof Phone Bag

Another useful sweetener you will get for free with your new Ocean Spirit iSup is a waterproof phone bag. Paddleboard works without it, but it is nice to have something that saves your phone during your water trip.

Of course, you can go paddleboarding without a phone, but how do you make an Instagram post then? And seriously, having GPS and a map with you can be very useful.

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Other accessories

An action camera mount set, repair kit, paddle leash, safety coil leash, and detachable touring fin are included in the package too.

Altogether you will be prepared not just for the cruise but you will be fully equipped for fun and action on the paddleboard.

Cruising with Ocean Spirit iSUP board

The best part of all my experience with the OutdoorMaster paddleboard was cruising on the lake. I did not wait till a hot summer day but tried the board right after I unpack it in let’s say “medium” weather.

The fear of falling into the cold water disappeared right after the first few moves on the Ocean Spirit board. It is very stable and I did not feel once that I am falling. (Just for your info, the water was quiet and the wind almost none)

This All-round board is ideal for anyone who wants to start with paddleboards or does not believe in his skills yet. The board is solid and stays put even when you step on it.

After a while, you find out the necessary skill how to stay comfortable when paddling and adjust the length of the paddle appropriately. Then the water is yours. The control of the board is overwhelming.

I felt very relaxed and enjoyed every minute of my first cruise.

Chasing Blue

Deflating and packing

If you are making just a day trip to the water, you need to deflate the board after. Fortunately, it is very easy. After you release the valve cap, the board releases the air very quickly. The rest of the air will leave when you start to roll your board before inserting it into the backpack.

My Opinion

Now, I fully understand why paddleboards are such a hit. The cruising on the water is great. Concerns that it takes a lot of time to inflate and deflate the board before and after use are groundless. With Ocean Spirit accessories it is just a question of minutes from the moment you came to the water till the moment you stay on your paddleboard.

The cruise itself is pure joy. You have control and stability. Your only limit is the shore.

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See you on the water.

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