OutdoorMaster Hawk HD Polarized Sport Sunglasses Review

OutdoorMaster Hawk HD Polarized Sport Sunglasses Review

OutdoorMaster Hawk HD Polarized sunglasses

Polarized Lenses
HD Visual Experience
Memory Frames
Impact Resistant Lenses
Interchangeable Lenses
UV400 Protection


For the record: The OutdoorMaster Hawk HD Polarized Sport Sunglasses for this review were provided by OutdoorMaster. This post contains affiliate links, and we can be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

OutdoorMaster Hawk HD Polarized Sport Sunglasses Review

I reviewed several OutdoorMaster snow goggles and was always satisfied. This time I put my hands on their sports Hawk HD Polarized sunglasses suitable for any summer sport you like. Paddleboard, water skis, kayak, or bike, whatever you choose, sunglasses are always with you.

OutdoorMaster Hawk HD Polarized sunglasses


OutdoorMaster Hawk HD Polarized Sports Sunglasses offers a nice pack of up-to-date technologies. One hundred percent UV400 protection is a must, and nobody buys sunglasses without them. So it is clear that Hawk HD lenses have it.

Though, OutdoorMaster lenses offer much more.

Lenses are HD (high-definition) for a clear view and to reduce visual fatigue that is caused by lens distortion.

They are polarized to block reflection and improve your sight. Moreover, lenses are impact-resistant to protect your eyes. And of course, it increases their durability.

Frames are light and made from “shape memory” materials for a better fit.

OutdoorMaster also used its prominent snow goggles feature. The interchangeability of lenses made them successful in winter and the same feature is now available in their Hawk HD sunglasses.

The clear replacement lenses are part of your package (with shell case and microfiber pouch) if you order OutdoorMaster Hawk HD polarized sunglasses.

OutdoorMaster Hawk HD Polarized sunglasses

My experience

My first impression when wearing Hawk HD sunglasses was “wow, the lenses are large”. They cover a part of the face around your eyes which is very comfortable on a sunny day.

They fit to face nicely and you do not feel any pressure from the frame on your head or ears. The frame is made from a very pleasant material. And the overall look of the sunglasses is very neat.

OutdoorMaster Hawk HD sunglasses is light so wearing them all day is absolutely fine. The view is excellent and the possibility to replace the lenses if the weather change is very useful.

Overall, I like the design and feel of the OutdoorMaster Hawk HD Polarized sunglasses very much.

Order your OutdoorMaster sunglasses here.

A full collection of OutdoorMaster products is available here

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