OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski Helmet Review

OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski Helmet

Absolute Safety
Excellent Comfort
Extra Ventilation
13 different colors
Reasonable Price



For the record: The Kelvin Ski helmet for purposes of this review was provided by OutdoorMaster. This post contains affiliate links, and we can be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski Helmet Review

OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski helmet is #1 selling snow helmet at various shops. It is no surprise as it offers excellent value at a very reasonable price. Let us look at the helmet we use for various ski trips to determine if it is as good as multiple reviews suggest.

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The most important thing in evaluating any ski or snowboard helmet is safety. Making its customers safe is the ultimate goal for any helmet manufacturer.

OutdoorMaster Kelvin ski helmet is made of an ABS shell and shock-absorbing EPS core. ABS means acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and EPS means expanded polystyrene.

Both materials are used in almost all helmets due to their superior toughness and impact resistance. The other reason is the easier way to manufacture them compared to fiberglass helmets—the easier way of manufacturing results in lower prices.

Kelvin ski helmet is ASTM certified and fulfills all regulatory requirements.

Fortunately, I did not have any severe accidents with this helmet to check the ABS shell and EPS core quality.

Not me 🙂 Photo credit: OutdoorMaster


Comfort is crucial as you have your helmet on during long hours of skiing. In addition, you need to have your head at the right temperature, not freezing on cold days and not too hot when you ski on a sunny day.

Kelvin ski helmet has removable ear pads to better adapt to the weather. In addition, fourteen individual vents serve the purpose of cooling off the heat of your hair.

The inner fleece is pleasant to touch and comfortable for all-day skiing. It is also easily removable for washing.

OutdoorMaster Kelvin helmet comes in different sizes, but it also has an adjustable size dial inside the three basic sizes: S, M, L. Check the measurements for every size here.

OutdoorMaster ski helmet is goggles-ready so that it will fit numerous snow goggles. But, of course, the best thing is to choose one of their snow goggles and use the bundle sale with better prices.


I don’t particularly appreciate it when the ski helmet is making my head too big. Kelvin is good as its construction is not as robust as some other helmets. And that is fine as nobody wants to look like a “bubble-head” skier.

It is manufactured in thirteen different colors, from classic black or white to more extravagant pink or purple. So nobody should have a problem picking the right color to match his other snow gear.


The last but not least parameter I always evaluate is the price or price-to-quality value. With the OutdoorMaster Kelvin Ski helmet, it is really easy. Kelvin belongs to one of the cheapest ski helmets on the market. So the price can not be a problem at all for anyone. On the other hand, it offers safety, comfort, and a friendly style. That is a win-win situation.

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