Ski Accessories – What I Always Take with Me to Cross-Country Trail

It is always a dilemma to pack myself for cross-country skiing trails efficiently. I need to find a balance between the weight of the bag I carry and being prepared for every possible weather condition. If you are interested in my list of useful items I bring with me to the cross-country ski trail, read my list of ski accessories I always have with me.

Note: It is probably clear, but I will state it here just for a case. Of course, I also bring cross-country skis, poles, and gloves with me. If you want to know more about how to choose the right skis and gloves, check our guides below.

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My Ski Accessories List

I am not a big fan of heavy bags while cross-country skiing. It limits my style, and my speed, and I do not feel comfortable. Sometimes, there is no option, especially on a long trail when I need to carry some food or an extra shirt or jacket with me. If possible, I always try to have as least ski accessories with me as possible.

Ski hats & Neck gaiter or Headband

I always decide what to take on my head according to the weather. When it is freezing, I will take a warm ski hat plus a neck gaiter to keep me warm.  Staying healthy is a priority for me in subzero temperatures.

If the weather is not so cold, I skip the neck gaiter and warm ski hats and replace them with a headband. It provides an extra layer to keep me warm enough. It is very light, soft, and breathable, what I appreciate the most as I sweat a lot during cross-country skiing. The headband usually has a UV Filter, which is a pretty useful feature during sunny winter days. A headband can also be used instead of a neck gaiter if needed.

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I always have my sunglasses with me no matter what the weather is. On sunny days, they protect my eyes against UV radiation. And we all know how sharp the sun can be when it is mirrored by white snow. In foggy and snowy days, they protect me against the snowflakes. It helps if sunglasses have an anti-fog feature. It can surprise you, but I get used to cycling sunglasses. They give me all the comfort I need.

Oakley and other known brands of sunglasses are available here

Sunscreen & Lip Balm Stick

Even in winter, I do not hazard with face UV protection. As I said earlier, the sun can be intense when mirrored by the white snow. I always put on facial sunscreen before skiing. It helps against the sunburn. Particular oily winter sunscreen also helps against the cold and freeze. Besides, I use also Lip Balm Stick to give extra protection for my lips.

Water or Tea

Hydration is vital when doing any sport, and skiing is not an exemption. In cold weather, you do not feel the need to drink but believe me, it is essential. I always take a bottle of water (or tea if it is freezing) with me. It is good to have an insulated bottle when taking hot or warm beverages with you.

Waist Pack with Bottle Holder

A tea (or water) bottle is the biggest item on my list. It seems I have to take a backpack with me, but I have another solution. I use a waist pack with a bottle holder. There is a place to store some other small items I need to carry with me. Usually, I have car keys, a little money, a lip balm stick, tissues, and a smartphone, which is useful for tracking the route or for emergency reasons.

All available Waist Packs with Water Bottle Holders

Ski Backpacks

In many cases, indeed, you need a backpack. When you plan a long cross-country ski trail, you take kids with you or unstable weather conditions are expected, you have no choice. You need a backpack for an extra t-shirt, jacket, and other more significant items.

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Ski Straps and Carriers

I usually have my skis kept together with ski straps or carriers. Straps make ski transport much more comfortable. Check the difference between ski straps and plastic carriers, and which of them I prefer here.

That was my ski accessories list. If you think I missed something, let me know in the comments section.

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