Ski Straps and Carriers: How to keep your skis together

Transport of skis, ski poles, and ski boots includes two phases. You need a quality ski bag for long-distance transport. However, you will not use a ski bag for carrying your skis and poles from the parking lot to the ski cabin station. All of us know how uncomfortable it is to carry the skis when they do not hold together. Fortunately, there are small accessories as ski straps or plastic carriers that can help you in a big way.

Ski straps are more comfortable to use and fit any pocket during skiing. Plastic carriers are not so soft when in a pocket but are more reliable, and poles are separated from skis.

Ski Straps

+ easy way how to keep skis together
+ hook and loop system
+ long enough to hold also ski poles
+ one size fits all: universal size suitable for skis of different width (alpine, backcountry, cross country skis)
+ made from durable EVA foam rubber for protection of skis against scratches
+ lightweight and small to fit in a pocket during skiing

I recommend buying more at once, as they are easy to lose.

Check prices of ski straps on Amazon here.

Ski and Poles Plastic Carrier

+ alternative to ski strap
+ easy to put on
+ poles are separated from the skis to prevent the scratches
+ made from plastic with soft lining inside

I recommend buying in pairs for better ski and poles carrying.

Check prices of ski and poles plastic carriers on Amazon here.

Straps or Carriers?

I prefer straps for alpine skis and plastic carriers for cross country skis. The reason lies in the weight of skis. Alpine skis are heavier, and you still need to carry them on the shoulder, and the plastic carrier would push you. Cross country skis are lighter and easy to carry in one hand.

Regardless of your preferred choice, I recommend buying more pairs of straps and carriers, as I ever forget them somewhere. Thankfully, the prices of ski straps and carriers are very low.

Check the skis straps availability in different colors on Amazon here.

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