The Ultimate Guide to the Best Heated Ski Pants

If you have a problem handling cold on skis during freezing January, an external source of warmth can be a solution. Fortunately, you can use heated ski socks, gloves, and even ski jackets or pants to keep you warm. Let us look at heated ski pants. How do they work? And can they be helpful to you? Check our answers to the most asked questions regarding heated ski pants.

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How do heated pants work?
What material is used in the heated ski pants?
Which part of the pants are heated?
Where are the batteries placed, and what batteries are used?
What temperature levels do heated ski pants offer?
What is the battery life span?
How to control the temperature level?
Can you wash your heated pants?
Heated ski pants prices
What are the best-heated ski pants?

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How do heated pants work?

Heated pants work like any other heated clothes. You need a battery that supplies the electricity/energy that transforms into heat in the electric wires. The battery is usually not part of the pants, and you need to buy it separately or use your power bank with 2A output, as most of the pants are equipped with a 5V USB connector.

The wires are tiny, made from carbon fibres, and woven into the textile.

Pants Material

Heated ski pants use modern materials like fleece lining, cotton, and spandex. Even without the heating, Pants provide warmth and ensure you against heat loss. Additionally, pants are usually equipped with water and windproof technologies.

ski pants

Which parts are heated?

Heated ski pants offer from three to eight heated pads.

Underwear (leggings) usually have three heated parts: abdomen, left knee, and right knee.

Regular outdoor pants usually have eight heated pads: abdomen, waist, thighs, legs, and knees.

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Ski-heated pants are sold without a battery, which gives life to heated pads. But, the pants are equipped with a USB connector so that you can use most of the power banks or other batteries available on the market.

All you will need is a standard power bank or battery with 2A output. The USB connector is standard 2V.

The pants have an inner pocket for storing the battery.

Ski Pants: Temperature Level & Battery Life

Heated ski pants usually offer three heating levels: low [104-113℉/40-45℃] – medium [113-120℉/45-50℃] – high [120-130℉/50-55℃].

You can switch on and set the heating level via a simple button control. With the button, you control the heating level, moving from low via medium to high-temperature mode.

The button colour indicates what mode you are using: blue for low, white for medium, and red for high.

Depending on the way of use, battery life is from three to six hours – the higher heating level results in a shorter battery life span and vice versa. Most manufacturers state that low heating mode can last for six hours, and high heating mode lasts for three hours with a full battery at the start.

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Washing of Heated Ski Pants

Heated ski pants (including underwear pants) are usually machine and hand-washable. However, you should not forget to remove the power bank (battery or other electricity supply) from the pants.

You can reconnect the battery after the pants are dry.


The heated ski pants prices start at around $65. Electric thermal underwear pants (leggings) are cheaper, starting at $50.

Best Heated Ski Pants Available

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Women’s Heated Thermal Underwear Leggings

Heated Pants for Women

Eight heated areas

Three heated areas

Eight heated areas




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