BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon Calendar 2020/2021

The calendar is preliminary and will be confirmed later (summer 2020).

DatePlace Discipline1st2nd3rd
11/28/2020Kontiolahti, FinlandMen20 km Individual
11/28/2020Kontiolahti, FinlandLadies15 km Individual
11/29/2020Kontiolahti, FinlandMen10 km Sprint
11/29/2020Kontiolahti, FinlandLadies7.5 km Sprint
12/03/2020Oestersund, SwedenMen10 km Sprint
12/03/2020Oestersund, SwedenLadies7.5 km Sprint
12/05/2020Oestersund, SwedenMen12.5 km Pursuit
12/05/2020Oestersund, SwedenLadies4x6 km Relay
12/06/2020Oestersund, SwedenMen4x7.5 km Relay
12/06/2020Oestersund, SwedenLadies10 km Pursuit
12/11/2020Hochfilzen, AustriaLadies7.5 km Sprint
12/11/2020Hochfilzen, AustriaMen10 km Sprint
12/12/2020Hochfilzen, AustriaLadies4x6 km Relay
12/12/2020Hochfilzen, AustriaMen12.5 km Pursuit
12/13/2020Hochfilzen, AustriaLadies10 km Pursuit
12/13/2020Hochfilzen, AustriaMen4x7.5 km Relay
12/17/2020Annecy-Le Grand Bornand, FranceMen10 km Sprint
12/18/2020Annecy-Le Grand Bornand, FranceLadies7.5 km Sprint
12/19/2020Annecy-Le Grand Bornand, FranceMen12.5 km Pursuit
12/19/2020Annecy-Le Grand Bornand, FranceLadies10 km Pursuit
12/20/2020Annecy-Le Grand Bornand, FranceMen15 km Mass Start
12/20/2020Annecy-Le Grand Bornand, FranceLadies12.5 km Mass Start
01/07/2021Oberhof, GermanyLadies7.5 km Sprint
01/08/2021Oberhof, GermanyMen10 km Sprint
01/09/2021Oberhof, GermanyLadies10 km Pursuit
01/09/2021Oberhof, GermanyMen12.5 km Pursuit
01/10/2021Oberhof, GermanyMixed Relay
01/10/2021Oberhof, GermanySingle Mixed Relay
01/13/2021Ruhpolding, GermanyMen10 km Sprint
01/14/2021Ruhpolding, GermanyLadies7.5 km Sprint
01/15/2021Ruhpolding, GermanyMen4x7.5 km Relay
01/16/2021Ruhpolding, GermanyLadies4x6 km Relay
01/17/2021Ruhpolding, GermanyMen15 km Mass Start
01/17/2021Ruhpolding, GermanyLadies12.5 km Mass Start
01/21/2021Antholz-Anterselva, ItalyLadies15 km Individual
01/22/2021Antholz-Anterselva, ItalyMen20 km Individual
01/23/2021Antholz-Anterselva, ItalyLadies12.5 km Mass Start
01/23/2021Antholz-Anterselva, ItalyMen4x7.5 km Relay
01/24/2021Antholz-Anterselva, ItalyLadies4x6 km Relay
01/24/2021Antholz-Anterselva, ItalyMen15 km Mass Start
02/10/2021Pokljuka, Slovenia – World ChampionshipsMixed Relay
02/12/2021Pokljuka, Slovenia – World ChampionshipsMen10 km Sprint
02/13/2021Pokljuka, Slovenia – World ChampionshipsLadies7.5 km Sprint
02/14/2021Pokljuka, Slovenia – World ChampionshipsMen12.5 km Pursuit
02/14/2021Pokljuka, Slovenia – World ChampionshipsLadies10 km Pursuit
02/16/2021Pokljuka, Slovenia – World ChampionshipsLadies15 km Individual
02/17/2021Pokljuka, Slovenia – World ChampionshipsMen20 km Individual
02/18/2021Pokljuka, Slovenia – World ChampionshipsSingle Mixed Relay
02/20/2021Pokljuka, Slovenia – World ChampionshipsLadies4x6 km Relay
02/20/2021Pokljuka, Slovenia – World ChampionshipsMen4x7.5 km Relay
02/21/2021Pokljuka, Slovenia – World ChampionshipsLadies12.5 km Mass Start
02/21/2021Pokljuka, Slovenia – World ChampionshipsMen15 km Mass Start
02/26/2021Beijing, ChinaLadies4x6 km Relay
02/27/2021Beijing, ChinaMen4x7.5 km Relay
02/28/2021Beijing, ChinaLadies7.5 km Sprint
02/28/2021Beijing, ChinaMen10 km Sprint
03/01/2021Beijing, ChinaLadies10 km Pursuit
03/01/2021Beijing, ChinaMen12.5 km Pursuit
03/11/2021Nove Mesto, Czech republicMen10 km Sprint
03/12/2021Nove Mesto, Czech republicLadies7.5 km Sprint
03/13/2021Nove Mesto, Czech republicMen12.5 km Pursuit
03/13/2021Nove Mesto, Czech republicLadies10 km Pursuit
03/14/2021Nove Mesto, Czech republicMixed Relay
03/14/2021Nove Mesto, Czech republicSingle Mixed Relay
03/18/2021Oslo Holmenkollen, NorwayLadiesSuper Sprint Final
03/18/2021Oslo Holmenkollen, NorwayMenSuper Sprint Final
03/20/2021Oslo Holmenkollen, NorwayLadies7.5 km Sprint
03/20/2021Oslo Holmenkollen, NorwayMen10 km Sprint
03/21/2021Oslo Holmenkollen, NorwayLadies12.5 km Mass Start
03/21/2021Oslo Holmenkollen, NorwayMen15 km Mass Start
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