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Kaestle is an Austrian-based ski company owned by Czech entrepreneurs. Kaestle was founded in 1924 in Hohenems, Austria by Anton Kaestle. It was acquired by Italian fashion brand Benneton in 1991 and disappeared from markets in 1998.

Kaestle returned to ski slopes in 2007 thanks to a group of Austrian investors and later partnered with Czech company ConsilSport.

Kaestle Alpine skis are produced in Hohenems, Austria. Kaestle Nordic Skis are produced in Nove Mesto nad Metuji in the Czech Republic. The headquarters of Kaestle is in Hohenems too.

Once a famous ski brand, the partner of Kjetil-Andree Aamodt, and Pirmin Zurbriggen is back on racing tracks since 2019. Check below the alpine and nordic skiers that are using Kaestle skis.

Ladies Alpine Skiers

Dubovska MartinaCzech RepublicKaestle
Ledecka EsterCzech RepublicKaestle
Stuhec IlkaSloveniaKaestle
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