FIS Alpine World Cup Calendar 2021/2022

The final version of the FIS Alpine World Cup Calendar for season 2021/2022 is below.

How are the World Cup points awarded, and how are the World Cup courses set? Check our guides here: PointsCourses

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FIS Alpine World Cup Calendar 2021/2022

DatePlace Discipline1st2nd3rd
23/10/2021Solden, AustriaLadiesGiant Slalom
24/10/2021Solden, AustriaMenGiant Slalom
13/11/2021Lech/Zuers, AustriaLadiesParallel
14/11/2021Lech/Zuers, AustriaMenParallel
20/11/2021Levi, FinlandLadiesSlalom
21/11/2021Levi, FinlandLadiesSlalom
26/11/2021Lake Louise, CanadaMenDownhill
27/11/2021Killington, USALadiesGiant Slalom
27/11/2021Lake Louise, CanadaMenDownhill
28/11/2021Killington, USALadiesSlalom
28/11/2021Lake Louise, CanadaMenSuper G
3/12/2021Lake Louise, CanadaLadiesDownhill
3/12/2021Beaver Creek, USAMenDownhill
4/12/2021Lake Louise, CanadaLadiesDownhill
4/12/2021Beaver Creek, USAMenSuper G
5/12/2021Lake Louise, CanadaLadiesSuper G
5/12/2021Beaver Creek, USAMenSuper G
11/12/2021St.Moritz, SwitzerlandLadiesSuper G
11/12/2021Val d'Isere, FranceMenGiant Slalom
12/12/2021St.Moritz, SwitzerlandLadiesSuper G
12/12/2021Val d'Isere, FranceMenSlalom
17/12/2021Val Gardena, ItalyMenSuper G
18/12/2021Val d'Isere, FranceLadiesDownhill
18/12/2021Val Gardena, ItalyMenDownhill
19/12/2021Val d'Isere, FranceLadiesSuper G
19/12/2021Alta Badia, ItalyMenGiant Slalom
20/12/2021Alta Badia, ItalyMenGiant Slalom
20/12/2021Courchevel, FranceLadiesGiant Slalom
22/12/2021Madonna di Campiglio, ItalyMenSlalom
28/12/2021Lienz, AustriaLadiesGiant Slalom
28/12/2021Bormio, ItalyMenDownhill
29/12/2021Lienz, AustriaLadiesSlalom
29/12/2021Bormio, ItalyMenSuper G
4/1/2022Zagreb, CroatiaLadiesSlalom
5/1/2022Zagreb, CroatiaMenSlalom
8/1/2022Maribor, SloveniaLadiesGiant Slalom
8/1/2022Adelboden, SwitzerlandMenGiant Slalom
9/1/2022Maribor, SloveniaLadiesSlalom
9/1/2022Adelboden, SwitzerlandMenSlalom
11/1/2022Flachau, AustriaLadiesSlalom
14/1/2022Wengen, SwitzerlandMenDownhill
15/1/2022Zauchensee, AustriaLadiesDownhill
15/1/2022Wengen, SwitzerlandMenDownhill
16/1/2022Zauchensee, AustriaLadiesSuper G
16/1/2022Wengen, SwitzerlandMenSlalom
21/1/2022Kitzbuehel, AustriaMenDownhill
22/1/2022Cortina d'Ampezzo, ItalyLadiesDownhill
22/1/2022Kitzbuehel, AustriaMenDownhill
23/1/2022Cortina d'Ampezzo, ItalyLadiesSuper G
23/1/2022Kitzbuehel, AustriaMenSlalom
25/1/2022Kronplatz, ItalyLadiesGiant Slalom
25/1/2022Schladming, AustriaMenSlalom
29/1/2022Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GermanyLadiesDownhill
30/1/2022Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GermanyLadiesSuper G
6/2/2022Beijing, China – Olympic Winter GamesMenDownhill
7/2/2022Beijing, China – Olympic Winter GamesLadiesGiant Slalom
8/2/2022Beijing, China – Olympic Winter GamesMenSuper G
9/2/2022Beijing, China – Olympic Winter GamesLadiesSlalom
10/2/2022Beijing, China – Olympic Winter GamesMenAlpine Combination
11/2/2022Beijing, China – Olympic Winter GamesLadiesSuper G
13/2/2022Beijing, China – Olympic Winter GamesMenGiant Slalom
15/2/2022Beijing, China – Olympic Winter GamesLadiesDownhill
16/2/2022Beijing, China – Olympic Winter GamesMenSlalom
17/2/2022Beijing, China – Olympic Winter GamesLadiesAlpine Combination
19/2/2022Beijing, China – Olympic Winter GamesTeam Parallel
26/2/2022Crans Montana, SwitzerlandLadiesDownhill
26/2/2022Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GermanyMenSlalom
27/2/2022Crans Montana, SwitzerlandLadiesDownhill
27/2/2022Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GermanyMenSlalom
5/3/2022Lenzerheide, SwitzerlandLadiesSuper G
5/3/2022Kvitfjell, NorwayMenDownhill
6/3/2022Lenzerheide, SwitzerlandLadiesGiant Slalom
6/3/2022Kvitfjell, NorwayMenSuper G
11/3/2022Are, SwedenLadiesGiant Slalom
12/3/2022Are, SwedenLadiesSlalom
12/3/2022Kranjska Gora, SloveniaMenGiant Slalom
13/3/2022Kranjska Gora, SloveniaMenSlalom
16/3/2022Courchevel, FranceLadiesDownhill
16/3/2022Courchevel, FranceMenDownhill
17/3/2022Courchevel, FranceLadiesSuper G
17/3/2022Courchevel, FranceMenSuper G
18/3/2022Courchevel, FranceLadiesParallel
18/3/2022Courchevel, FranceMenParallel
19/3/2022Courchevel, FranceLadiesSlalom
19/3/2022Courchevel, FranceMenGiant Slalom
20/3/2022Courchevel, FranceLadiesGiant Slalom
20/3/2022Courchevel, FranceMenSlalom

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