FIS Alpine World Cup Calendar 2022/2023

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FIS Alpine World Cup Calendar 2022/2023

DatePlace Discipline1st2nd3rd
22 Oct 2022Solden, AustriaLadiesGiant Slalom
23 Oct 2022Solden, AustriaMenGiant Slalom
29 Oct 2022Zermatt/Cervinia, Switzerland/ItalyMenDownhill
30 Oct 2022Zermatt/Cervinia, Switzerland/ItalyMenDownhill
5 Nov 2022Zermatt/Cervinia, Switzerland/ItalyLadiesDownhill
6 Nov 2022Zermatt/Cervinia, Switzerland/ItalyLadiesDownhill
12 Nov 2022Lech/Zuers, AustriaLadiesParallel
13 Nov 2022Lech/Zuers, AustriaMenParallel
19 Nov 2022Levi, FinlandLadiesSlalom
20 Nov 2022Levi, FinlandLadiesSlalom
26 Nov 2022Killington, USALadiesGiant Slalom
26 Nov 2022Lake Louise, CanadaMenDownhill
27 Nov 2022Killington, USALadiesSlalom
27 Nov 2022Lake Louise, CanadaMenSuper G
02 Dec 2022Lake Louise, CanadaLadiesDownhill
02 Dec 2022Beaver Creek, USAMenSuper G
03 Dec 2022Lake Louise, CanadaLadiesDownhill
03 Dec 2022Beaver Creek, USAMenDownhill
04 Dec 2022Lake Louise, CanadaLadiesSuper G
04 Dec 2022Beaver Creek, USAMenDownhill
10 Dec 2022Sestriere, ItalyLadiesGiant Slalom
10 Dec 2022Val d'Isere, FranceMenGiant Slalom
11 Dec 2022Sestriere, ItalyLadiesSlalom
11 Dec 2022Val d'Isere, FranceMenSlalom
16 Dec 2022Val Gardena, ItalyMenSuper G
16 Dec 2022St.Moritz, SwitzerlandLadiesDownhill
17 Dec 2022Val Gardena, ItalyMenDownhill
17 Dec 2022St.Moritz, SwitzerlandLadiesDownhill
18 Dec 2022Alta Badia, ItalyMenGiant Slalom
18 Dec 2022St.Moritz, SwitzerlandLadiesSuper G
19 Dec 2022Alta Badia, ItalyMenGiant Slalom
22 Dec 2022Madonna di Campiglio, ItalyMenSlalom
28 Dec 2022Semmering, AustriaLadiesGiant Slalom
28 Dec 2022Bormio, ItalyMenDownhill
29 Dec 2022Semmering, AustriaLadiesSlalom
29 Dec 2022Bormio, ItalyMenSuper G
04 Jan 2023Zagreb, CroatiaLadiesSlalom
04 Jan 2023Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GermanyMenSlalom
05 Jan 2023Zagreb, CroatiaLadiesSlalom
07 Jan 2023Kranjska Gora, SloveniaLadiesGiant Slalom
07 Jan 2023Adelboden, SwitzerlandMenGiant Slalom
08 Jan 2023Kranjska Gora, SloveniaLadiesGiant Slalom
08 Jan 2023Adelboden, SwitzerlandMenSlalom
10 Jan 2023Flachau, AustriaLadiesSlalom
13 Jan 2023Wengen, SwitzerlandMenSuper G
14 Jan 2023St. Anton, AustriaLadiesDownhill
14 Jan 2023Wengen, SwitzerlandMenDownhill
15 Jan 2023St. Anton, AustriaLadiesSuper G
15 Jan 2023Wengen, SwitzerlandMenSlalom
20 Jan 2023Cortina d'Ampezzo, ItalyLadiesSuper G
20 Jan 2023Kitzbuehel, AustriaMenDownhill
21 Jan 2023Cortina d'Ampezzo, ItalyLadiesDownhill
21 Jan 2023Kitzbuehel, AustriaMenDownhill
22 Jan 2023Cortina d'Ampezzo, ItalyLadiesSuper G
22 Jan 2023Kitzbuehel, AustriaMenSlalom
24 Jan 2023Schladming, AustriaMenSlalom
24 Jan 2023Kronplatz, ItalyLadiesGiant Slalom
28 Jan 2023Spindlerov Mlyn, Czech RepublicLadiesGiant Slalom
28 Jan 2023Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GermanyMenDownhill
29 Jan 2023Spindlerov Mlyn, Czech RepublicLadiesSlalom
29 Jan 2023Garmisch-Partenkirchen, GermanyMenGiant Slalom
04 Feb 2023Chamonix, FranceMenSlalom
06 Feb 2023World Championship Meribel, FranceLadiesAlpine Combination
07 Feb 2023World Championship Courchevel, FranceMenAlpine Combination
08 Feb 2023World Championship Meribel, FranceLadiesSuper G
09 Feb 2023World Championship Courchevel, FranceMenSuper G
11 Feb 2023World Championship Meribel, FranceLadiesDownhill
12 Feb 2023World Championship Courchevel, FranceMenDownhill
14 Feb 2023World Championship Meribel, FranceLadiesParallel
14 Feb 2023World Championship Courchevel, FranceMenParallel
15 Feb 2023World Championship Courchevel, FranceTeam Event
16 Feb 2023World Championship Meribel, FranceLadiesGiant Slalom
17 Feb 2023World Championship Courchevel, FranceMenGiant Slalom
18 Feb 2023World Championship Meribel, FranceLadiesSlalom
19 Feb 2023World Championship Courchevel, FranceMenSlalom
25 Feb 2023Crans Montana, SwitzerlandLadiesDownhill
25 Feb 2023Palisades Tahoe, USAMenGiant Slalom
26 Feb 2023Crans Montana, SwitzerlandLadiesSuper G
26 Feb 2023Palisades Tahoe, USAMenSlalom
03 Mar 2023Aspen, USAMenSuper G
04 Mar 2023Aspen, USAMenDownhill
04 Mar 2023Kvitfjell, NorwayLadiesDownhill
05 Mar 2023Aspen, USAMenDownhill
05 Mar 2023Kvitfjell, NorwayLadiesSuper G
10 Mar 2023Are, SwedenLadiesGiant Slalom
11 Mar 2023Are, SwedenLadiesSlalom
11 Mar 2023Kranjska Gora, SloveniaMenGiant Slalom
12 Mar 2023Kranjska Gora, SloveniaMenGiant Slalom
15 Mar 2023Soldeau, AndorraLadiesDownhill
15 Mar 2023Soldeau, AndorraMenDownhill
16 Mar 2023Soldeau, AndorraLadiesSuper G
16 Mar 2023Soldeau, AndorraMenSuper G
17 Mar 2023Soldeau, AndorraTeam Parallel
18 Mar 2023Soldeau, AndorraLadiesSlalom
18 Mar 2023Soldeau, AndorraMenGiant Slalom
19 Mar 2023Soldeau, AndorraLadiesGiant Slalom
19 Mar 2023Soldeau, AndorraMenSlalom

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    • The final version will be approved in summer (august 2023), but the preliminary drafts will be available throughout the season with drat close to the final calendar is expected around March, April.

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