How to prepare for skiing season during summer?

Late Spring and Summer are the periods when skiers should not just wait for Winter. Summer practice is important not just for professional skiers but also for recreational ones. Here are my bits of advice on how to prepare in summer for the winter skiing season.

I prefer cross-country skiing over alpine skiing, so these bits of advice will focus on recreational cross-country skiers during summer. But I think that none of these bits of advice will make any wrong to anybody.

Advice no. 1 – Stay Fit

Advice no. 1 is pretty obvious. As in every other sport you have to be in good fitness. Therefore it is important not to spend your summer just lying on the beach and reading a book. Try to keep your fitness in good shape. Swim and run when you have an opportunity. Nobody wants to start from zero in November, so maintaining the level of fitness you had in March is a good idea.

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Advice no. 2 – Rollerskating

If you look for a complementary sport to cross-country skiing during summer, rollerskating should be your primary choice. It has many things in common with cross-country skiing. You can enjoy the speed and long-distance trails. You can add poles to your rollerskates and pretend the skiing movement as much as possible. I regularly go rollerskating during summer to keep myself in shape and to put some pressure on my legs and joints I use during skiing.

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Advice no. 3 – Hiking

What is good about the summer is that you can go on hiking trips to the trails you ski on during winter. Go on to nature, get used to higher altitude conditions and try to explore the trails you see covered by snow. You will get to know with terrain and profile of the trails, which will help you during winter.

Advice no. 4 – Check your gear

This advice is not about fitness. I use my spare time during summer to check my skiing gear. Repair what can be repaired, and make plans for what new gear I will need to buy in autumn. Now is the right time for that. You are not in a hurry, you have time to make good preparation.

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I offered just basic bits of advice on how to prepare for winter skiing season in summer. It sounds really obvious, but there are people who are not doing anything during the summer. It leads to an unwelcome surprise in November. So stay fit, enjoy the summer and see you on skiing routes in winter.

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